Camping Central: Your outdoor experience at the beginning of the famous W and Base Torres trails - Reserva Las Torres

Camping Central: Your outdoor experience at the beginning of the famous W and Base Torres trails

If you plan to hike one of the many trails in Torres del Paine National Park, Camping Central is an accommodation you must learn about. This campsite in Torres del Paine National Park is a point for nature lovers that offers all the comforts you need to rest well.  It also lets you feel close to the flora and fauna you traveled so far to see.

After passing through the Las Torres Welcome Center, you’ll find Camping Central. The campsite greets you with a whisper of a calm river, mountains covered with trees, green meadows, and Patagonian fauna.

Camping Central: Your outdoor experience at the beginning of the famous W and Base Torres trails

Welcome to Camping Central

At Camping Central, you can find a diverse group of people camping in our Tribe tents, which stand out for being assembled on firm metal platforms more than one meter from the ground. This elevation from the floor will help keep you protected from the humidity and cold. Likewise, the tent’s interior is designed for comfortable use by two people, with a solid and soft base for a restful night’s sleep. These tents are in high demand when camping with us, and booking your trip in advance is essential. At Camping Central, you can rent one of our complete equipment packages, which includes a tent, sleeping bag, mat, and pillow. You can rent the tent alone if you plan to come with your sleeping gear.

When you arrive at your tent, you can leave your trekking shoes soaked or full of mud outside the tent. The tent has unique mesh bags built into its structure, allowing you to leave your shoes outside and keep your belongings dry and clean inside. Likewise, so that your poles do not get in the way, there is also a space outside the tent to leave them close at hand.

Camping Central: Your outdoor experience at the beginning of the famous W and Base Torres trails

What you need to know about food 

As for food, there are several options at Camping Central, from cooking your own food to enjoying meals prepared by our team. If you decide to cook your own food, you can use a gas stove, as long as it is in spaces designated for it. Our Central Campsite, as in the entire national park, prohibits campfires, so double-check with us the correct type of stove to bring. If wind or other weather conditions such as rain or snow are present, there are sheltered areas for cooking. Your gas can, once used, can be placed in our containers to be disposed of correctly.

If you don’t want to worry about cooking, you can go to our Hostel Central, where you can reserve breakfast, dinner, or box lunch. Here, you will share the space with other hikers from around the world. The hostel is a place to hear others’ adventures and make new friends.

At Hostel Central, you can also enjoy the bar’s exquisite and exclusive cocktail menu, giving you a well-deserved reward for the journey you have just completed. If you want to add a snack to your trip, you can purchase them at the campsite administration kiosk and the Welcome Center.

Camping Central: Your outdoor experience at the beginning of the famous W and Base Torres trails

Everyday life at Camping Central

Camping Central has separate bathrooms for men and women with basic amenities such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. As for the showers, you must coordinate your bathing schedules here since hot water will only be available from 3 in the afternoon until midnight. Outside of these times, you will only have cold water.

Being a campsite in the middle of nature, seeing different animals surrounding the area is expected. Hares and horses are common animals to see. Remember to respect their environment; do not chase or approach wild animals, and do not feed them. In Las Torres National Park in Patagonia, the animals have everything they need to survive.

Remember that you will share Camping Central with other people, and you must respect the experiences of all the travelers who have decided to use this space.

However you want to enjoy your experience, Camping Central, located at the gates of the start of one of the most popular trails in the park, will be the perfect place to start your adventure. 

For more information, reservations, and inquiries, you can check the direct website of our camping areas here:

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