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How to be a responsible tourist in Torres del Paine?

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Travel. It’s one of the great desires and pleasures in life. Now, how should it be done responsibly and in harmony with the local culture and environment? You can travel this way by following the recommendations of the Responsible Tourist Code of Conduct, a helpful guide for the activity in Las Torres Reserve.

Every year, millions of people from all nationalities cross the borders of their countries to become tourists and enjoy the nature and culture of the destinations that welcome them. However, by traveling and visiting new places, those travelers should be committed to ensuring a beneficial impact on the environment, sustainability and local communities where they travel.

 That is precisely the role of the responsible tourist: caring for the environment, valuing new customs and cultures, supporting the local economy, protecting wilderness areas and, last but not least, being an informed and respectful traveler. It is not an obligation, but rather a philosophy of life that responsible toursists put into practice when they’re discovering new places in the world.

Therefore, before traveling to Chile and, particularly, to Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park and Las Torres Reserve, please consider a few recommendations that can contribute positively to the destination. From our side, we guarantee that you’ll arrive at a loved and cared for place where sustainability is the backbone of our work and the reason we’re here for you.

Taking Care of the Environment

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste and resources during your trip is a recommended practice at Las Torres Reserve. For this reason, we recommend that you bring your own reusable bottle of water to refill, as well as eliminate the use of  plastic bags for carrying any items that could be transported other ways.

During your stay, try to reduce your consumption of water and electricity at your accommodations. For example, you can always ask to use your towels and sheets for more than one day, and go to services that incorporate sustainable practices.

 At Las Torres Reserve, we have a regenerative organic garden and cocktail menu from the Pioneer Bar that operates with sustainable principles. Our vision is to be a world benchmark for sustainable tourism and conservation, inspiring people with the nature and culture of Patagonia.

 Watch Out! You Are in a Wilderness Area.

It’s important to always follow the rules of conduct established for visitors to the Paine Massif Circuit and the W Trail: camp only in the areas designated for camping, refrain from using fire and under no circumstances feed wildlife. As in the park, at Las Torres Reserve we have established and restored hiking trails for the movement and enjoyment of our visitors. Therefore, travel only on the trails and paths allowed, always respecting the signage and indications.

Value Local Traditions and Customs

 In the region of Magallanes or Chilean Patagonia, the local language is Spanish and when you visit us you will see how we preserve the cultural customs of a Patagonian estancia (or ranch). You see it in the landscapes, the food, and the hotel infrastructure. We highlight that mountain life is linked to caring for the environment, which is in contact with nature where walks become a unique opportunity to appreciate natural treasures at the end of the world

 Support the Local Economy

 Undoubtedly, when you visit this incredible destination, you’ll realize that most of the companies serving tourists here are local to the area, especially accommodation, transport and gastronomy providers. These companies are the ones who have preference when needing a service. In our case, we have local suppliers and collaborators that look to contribute to local economic development.

You can also take part by supporting local artisans and handicrafts that are made at the destination and can be found in Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas.

 Come visit us and find out for yourself. If you require more information, we invite you to download the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism – UNWTO

Let’s keep evolving together!

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