International Labor Day: A Tribute to the Passionate People Who Make Las Torres Patagonia a Magical Place - Reserva Las Torres

International Labor Day: A Tribute to the Passionate People Who Make Las Torres Patagonia a Magical Place

On this International Labor Day, we want to share eight inspiring stories of the brave men and women who, with their dedication and passion, have left an indelible mark on our hotel and on the lives of those around them.

Get ready to meet the voices behind each smile, the hard work behind every experience, and feel the excitement behind every achievement. We assure you that these stories will inspire you to keep fighting for your dreams and goals, just like our collaborators do day after day in Las Torres Patagonia!

The team of collaborators at Las Torres Patagonia works in conservation and ecotourism in the middle of the Torres del Paine National Park, making it a special place for visitors looking to connect with nature.

Enrique, Back to Paradise

After studying in the capital, Enrique Ramírez Wenig returned to his homeland to join the Las Torres Patagonia team as the Administrator of the Welcome Center.  Since his childhood, Enrique has been passionate about nature in the Magallanes region, and he bears the Patagonian seal on his heart. He always has a smile, an affinity for, and attentive ear for the hundreds of tourists who come to this place to take their tours in the Torres del Paine National Park. “We want to accompany you throughout your adventure, from a cordial welcome greeting to a warm farewell,” he says.

Enrique Ramírez - photo by <a href=""></a>
Enrique Ramírez – photo by

Laura, the Client Services Enthusiast

Originally from Catalonia, Laura Pons passed her first working season in front of Hotel Las Torres Patagonia Reception desk. With the enthusiasm of youth and training as a recent graduate of a professional tourism career, Laura is the friendly and efficient face that solves all the guests’ concerns, doubts, and misperceptions. Knowing the value options of the Patagonia Towers and the operations of the different areas and activities are part of Laura’s skills, so that visitors have a rewarding and seamless experience in our facilities.

Laura Pons - photo by <a href=""></a>
Laura Pons – photo by

Federico, Connected with Nature

Federico Gil arrived at the Pioneer Bar of Hotel Las Torres 13 seasons ago to enrich the experience of all its visitors with innovative sustainable cocktails. His connection with and love of nature have led him to manufacture everything from craft beers, distilled with Tierra Paine gin, to recycled cups and copper bulbs to reduce environmental impact. As a head bartender, Federico gives guests memorable experiences full of flavor, aroma, color, and the same peace and tranquility that he himself feels when walking in the mountains or going out to collect plants for his creations.

Federico Gil - photo by <a href=""></a>
Federico Gil – photo by

Federico values teamwork as the main engine for the tourist activity at the Reserve: “I trust my team, I work with them, I learn from them, and I pass on my experience to them.”

Joaquín, a Passionate Chef

Commitment, resilience, and discipline. These are the qualities with which Joaquín Pitta reaffirms his role in organizing the kitchens of the Pioneer bar, the Coiron restaurant, and the staff cafeteria. From his position as executive chef, Joaquín operates as an equalizer between the gastronomic options of Las Torres Patagonia, the requirements of the guests, the needs of our collaborators, and care and respect for the environment. “Communication between the different areas is the key, behind each dish and dining experience had by the guests are the details that are important, and that’s where our focus is.”  All this is possible thanks to Joaquin’s leadership and his team, who offer the best culinary experience in Las Torres Patagonia.

Joaquín Pitta-photo by <a href=""></a>
Joaquín Pitta-photo by

Pinda, Experience Isn’t Improvised

Whether at breakfast receiving the first guests in the morning, replenishing coffee or buffet foods, or serving barbeque in the quincho, the presence of José Antonio Pinda is a constant and a guarantee of human service in Las Torres Patagonia. After 27 years dedicated to the work of a server in the restaurant Coiron, “Pindita”, as his coworkers affectionately call him, is our treasure. He’s more than a server: he’s a friend, a mentor, and a role model in terms of customer service. At 65 years of age, his experience and dedication have been fundamental to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience in Las Torres Patagonia.

José Antonio Pinda - photo by <a href=""></a>
José Antonio Pinda – photo by

The support and experience he constantly gives to his colleagues make him one of the most valued collaborators at Las Torres Patagonia. “The important thing is that guests don’t leave happy, they leave amazed,” he says.

Mónica, an Invisible Labor

With nine seasons in charge of the laundry of Las Torres Patagonia, Mónica Graciela Villegas is very clear about the importance of the order and diligence of her work when it comes to providing quality service. As a Laundry Supervisor who is 55 years old, Monica coordinates a group whose daily task is to deliver impeccable and consistent work. With her experience and staff management, Monica is a guarantee for optimal service for all guests of Las Torres Patagonia.

Mónica Graciela Villegas -Photo by <a href="">@luismeisen</a>
Mónica Graciela Villegas -Photo by @luismeisen

Jorge Luis, the Horseman

For four seasons, Jorge Luis Gallardo has been one of the Baqueanos responsible for providing memorable moments and experiences to guests who like to tour the area on horseback. He also has the responsibility of taking care of each of our horses using the Reserve’s holistic methodology, which seeks to restore grasslands and improve soil quality. Horses have always been an integral part of Jorge Luis’ life, who developed a special relationship with these animals from an early age. Now 28, this expert cowboy has developed an impressive ability to connect with horses and convey his passion for them to visitors, creating an unforgettable experience for those seeking an authentic adventure in Patagonia.

Jorge Luis Gallardo - photo by
Jorge Luis Gallardo – photo by

Valentina, Illuminating the Way

Love and knowledge are the combination that every guide must have to interpret the territory and transmit a message of care and conservation to visitors, according to Valentina Villegas, a guide at Las Torres Patagonia. “Love is a universal language and it is from a love for nature that I try to convey that our guests receive and live the best experience,” says Valentina, who has been lighting the path of hikers in Las Torres Patagonia for five seasons.

Valentina Villegas - photo by
Valentina Villegas – photo by

In Las Torres Patagonia, each collaborator is a fundamental cog in the engine of this magical place. Their hard work, dedication, and expertise are the perfect ingredients for creating an unforgettable experience for every guest and visitor. The success of this place is a tribute to their love for what they do.

From Las Torres Patagonia, we want to thank each of our collaborators, those who are part of the team today and also those who are no longer with us, for their invaluable contributions over the years.

Thank you for being a part of our history!

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