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Seven Tips for Your Patagonian International Marathon Debut

On your mark, get set, go! Are you ready to test your limits in Torres del Paine? First, take into account these recommendations for running a marathon at the end, or beginning, of the world.

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On your mark, get set, go! Are you ready to test your limits in Torres del Paine? First, take into account these recommendations for running a marathon at the end, or beginning, of the world.

 The Patagonian International Marathon (PIM), a race that has brought runners from more than sixty-five countries in past years, takes place on September 10. Las Torres Patagonia personnel are busy preparing the best conditions possible for athletes to fulfill their dreams in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

The terrain is challenging, like running down a road made of grit. There are diverse elevations and slopes that require prior training to prepare your muscles for moving on inclines. This race has two types of runners. Experienced ones whose specialized training will boost them to Las Torres’s best viewpoints.

We at Las Torres Patagonia want you to have an incredible experience, so check these Seven Tips for Your Patagonian International Marathon Debut!

  1. Prepare Yourself Physically

For both professionals and beginners, I recommend thirty to forty minute training sessions at least three times a week, focusing on lower leg exercises. These include half squats, lunges, bench presses, as well as skipping and heel and leg lifts. The goal is to build up muscle mass, improving your performance.

  1. Go Jogging or Running

Overtime, running will strengthen your ankle tendons and improve stride efficiency. I recommended training on dirt trails with wind and rain, whenever possible.

  1. Run on Inclines

In your training routine, it is important to incorporate, at least once a week, running up and down slopes. Aim for eighty to one-hundred meter repetitions.

Importantly, runners, especially on slopes, benefit from more oxygen in their quadriceps. Through strength work-outs, one can improve oxygen flow by lowering their body’s fat percentage, making for better oxygenation and less muscle oxidation.

  1. Hydrate

For this race, hydration is key. Due to Patagonia’s cold weather, you may feel less thirsty, but your muscles will fatigue more quickly if you do not hydrate. Depending on your pace, you should drink water every five kilometers by carrying a bottle in one hand and refilling at the water stations. You can also carry a Camelback or similar backpack.

  1. Load Up on Carbohydrates

Consume carbohydrates every forty to fifty minutes, depending on personal needs. The cold will make you burn glucose more quickly, so you should keep carbohydrate gummies and glucose sweets in a pocket.

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Be as comfortable as possible. Carrying lots of items will weigh you down and increase your body temperature. Warm-up in a windbreaker and long leggings, but race in just one clothing layer. Shorts are acceptable but should be paired with gloves to keep the rest of your body warm.

  1. Use Running Sneakers

Sneakers, not trekking shoes, with adhesive soles, are required. The pair you choose should be flexible and cushy.

Were these tips useful to you? In a place as privileged as Torres del Paine, there are plenty of reasons to extend your stay and recharge. You can sleep in our Mountain Hostel or Premium Camping. If you seek adventure, we suggest trekking to Base Torres or horseback riding to see the famous granite towers and more. All of this awaits you!

If you want more information, or would like to sign-up for the race, contact our representative via Whatsapp +56 9 8357 9064.

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