Mount Cerro Paine Horseback Riding & Hiking - Reserva Las Torres

Mount Cerro Paine Horseback Riding + Hiking

Ride through the steep Ascencio Valley and hike to the summit of Mount Cerro Paine.

Mount Cerro Paine Full Day Tour

8 km / 5 mi horseback
8 km / 5 mi hiking
8 hrs total

What is there to enjoy?

Paine Grande

Made up of four summits, Paine Grande is recognized as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The highest peak towers at 3050m / 10000ft, making it the tallest mountain in the Macizo Paine Range and also the technically hardest mountain to climb in the entire Torres del Paine National Park.

Ascencio Valley

This valley builds increasing excitement, as its magestic views lead to Las Torres Base Viewpoint. It features the Oggioni Mountains in the distance, a windy river below, a grassy slope on one side, a rocky incline on the other, and a trail that gets steeper and steeper until you enter a native forest of lenga and Antarctic beech trees.

Azul Lagoon

Located on the east side of Torres del Paine, it is a less traveled part of the park despite having one of the best views of the iconic towers. It is the only place in the Park where you can get a full view of the Las Torres Mountains without having to hike.

Lake Nordenskjöld

Uniting Pudete with Paine Grande, this turquoise lake serves as the starting point for ecstatic trekkers. It sits under the Los Cuernos Mountains and has an average depth of 200m / 650ft and covers an area of 28 km² / 11mi². It is named after Otto Nordenskjöld (1869-1928), a Swedish-Finnish explorer who dedicated himself to the study of Antarctica, Greenland, Chile, and Peru.

Lake Sarmiento

Named after the Spanish explorer Sarmiento de Gamboa, it has an average depth of 350m / 1150ft and covers an area of 86 km² / 33mi². It belongs to the same basin as Amarga Lagoon.

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What does it include?

All of our tours include an expert and friendly bilingual guide who is thrilled to make your experience the best it can be! Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the special place you are visiting. A delicious box lunch is also included.

  • 1 Fun horseback riding experience apt for beginners
  • 2 Guided by local baqueanos and guides
  • 3 Lunch on the Mount Cerro Paine summit
  • 4 Don’t forget to bring your camera, with its batteries charged and space on the SD card, so you can capture the unforgettable moments!