Puma Cave - Rock Climbing - Reserva Las Torres

Puma Cave - Rock Climbing

Feel the adrenaline of learning to climb in the legendarily beautiful Torres del Paine.

Puma Cave Rock Climbing Half Day Tour

3 hrs total
USD: $95

Tour available from September 08, 2022

Learn how to rock climb in one of the most beautiful places in the world! The Puma Cave is a large rock formation equipped with routes for beginner, experienced, and expert climbers. For aspiring climbers or those looking for more practice, we’ll start with complete instruction so you feel confident and nimble on the rock. There are multiple beginner routes, so anyone can truly enjoy their day in the life of a Patagonian rock climber.

What is there to enjoy?

Learn how to climb!

Rock climbing provides an unmatchable sense of freedom and adrenaline. Feel empowered, climbing safely on a gorgeous rock wall.

Climb in the iconic Patagonia

This bucket list worthy activity will stay ingrained in your memory forever!

Routes for all levels

Experienced climbers have plenty of options to send challenging routes on this rockwall surrounded by signature Patagonian scenery.

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What does it include?

All of our tours include an expert and friendly bilingual guide who is thrilled to make your experience the best it can be! Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the special place you are visiting. Snacks are included.

  • 1 Safety equipment: harness, helmet, rope, carabiners, climbing shoes, etc
  • 2 Climbing Guide
  • 3 Snacks and beverages
  • 4 Don’t forget to bring your camera, with its batteries charged and space on the SD card, so you can capture the unforgettable moments!

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