Chileno Mountain Hostel - Reserva Las Torres

Chileno Mountain Hostel

Temporarily closed.

The closest camp to the Las Torres Base Viewpoint. Relax here at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep, making sure you’ve got your batteries recharged for the highly anticipated next day.

Please find bellow the opening dates for each sector:

  • Central and Francés: September 9th (camping) and October 20th (mountain hostel).
  • Chileno, Cuernos and Serón: November 1st (camping and mountain hostel).
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Catch the iconic sunrise over the Las Torres Mountains

This camp is perfect for those who want to wake up before dawn and arrive in time to watch the sunrise over the famous Las Torres Mountains. We promise, every lost minute of sleep will be well worth it. Take a hot shower, pack your headlight and fuel up on dinner before heading to bed. We’ll give you a tip – set out your thermos and fill it up with hot water before leaving in the morning. Sipping a coffee or tea as you await the sunrise will make it a moment to remember.

Fully Made or Simple Bed

Have fun, meet new people and sleep well. Mountain hostels are mixed dormitory rooms with bunk beds for 6 people, a shared bathroom and hot showers. Choose between a fully made bed, equipped with a sleeping bag and a pillow, or save US $5 per night and carry your own sleeping bag.

While campfires are strictly prohibited throughout the Park, but the use of gas stoves is permitted in approved areas, this camp does not have an approved area. Therefore, in the Chileno sector, camp stoves are not able to be utilized for cooking. Make it all-inclusive with a full or half board meal plan, or simply choose a hot meal for this camp.

Price per night for the entire room with 6 beds:

  • September, October and April: USD $570.
  • November-March: USD $700.

Note: Due to adaptations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, only reservations per entire room will be allowed. Each room has occupancy with 6 beds available.

  • 6 people
  • Single bed in mountain hostel
Delicious, nutritious food for your hike

When hiking Torres del Paine, you are going to be hungrier than normal, due to the amount of exercise and dramatic temperatures, at both ends of the hot and cold spectrum. It’s important to refuel your body with sufficient and adequate nutrition, not only to keep you going on the trail, but also to keep your spirits high and make sure your experience is as enjoyable as it can be.

We offer full board (breakfast, box lunch and dinner) and half board (breakfast and dinner) meal plans, which makes sure you have the food you need and also significantly lowers the weight of your backpack. Meals are set menus with a vegetarian option.

Aside from the scheduled meals, the restaurants in our mountain hostels offer hot and cold snacks from 10:00am – 10:00pm.

  • - Full board (breakfast, box lunch and dinner): USD $80
  • - Half board (breakfast and dinner): USD $56
  • - Vegetarian option (book in advance)

Happy Guests and Incredible Memories

Our guests and visitors come to experience Torres del Paine for the purity of it´s nature and extraordinary contrasts.
They leave Reserva Las Torres with the most incredible memories from an authentic natural adventure

Google Review

Excellent service and very polite and friendly. The mountain hostels are at top international standards. The best we experienced in Puerto Natales.

Angel Troncozo Dangelo
Tripadvisor Review

Excellent trekking and a wonderful place with unmissable views. My son and I hiked the W Circuit for 4 days and it was not wasted, everything was just fabulous. The contrast between the mountains and the lakes make it a really special place. It requires a basic level of physical preparation, but nothing that cannot be managed.