Baqueano Cultural Experience - Reserva Las Torres

Baqueano Cultural Experience

Learn about Patagonian cowboy culture and lifestyle by spending a morning with the baqueanos.

Baqueano Cultural Experience Half Day Tour

3 hrs total
CLP $88.000

Spend a morning with the baqueanos and get a glimpse of the traditional Patagonian lifestyle. During your time with these Patagonian cowboys and girls — descendants of horsemen who came to work ranches in this remote region more than a century ago — you will learn about their special clothing, saddles and other horse tack. They can show you how to properly saddle a horse, nail a horseshoe and, of course, how to ride!

In Patagonia, they live up to the Spanish saying “Happy Belly, Happy Heart.” The baqueanos will be happy to take a break, share a mate, and proudly tell you about their culture. Mate, an herbal tea made from yerba mate leaves, is heavily woven into Patagonia’s lifestyle and sharing this hot beverage is a beloved tradition with high significance. Let yourself have a savory treat of sopaipillas with pebre, a classic Chilean combination of pumpkin bread and fresh salsa. By the end of this cowboy journey, you will have a much better understanding of what it was like to live and work in this remote corner of South American before the arrival of tourism.

What is there to enjoy?

Get to know our baqueanos

The cowboys who work at the Las Torres Reserve are descendants of horsemen and women who came to work ranches in this remote region more than a century ago.

Share a mate

This herbal tea made from yerba mate leaves is intricately infused into Patagonia’s lifestyle and sharing mate over good conversation is an important part of the day. Learn the proper way of preparing a mate!

Try one of Chile’s favorite comfort foods, sopaipillas

This fried pumpkin bread is famous all over Chile, but especially famous in Patagonian kitchens.

Learn about traditional Patagonia culture

Our baqueanos are so proud of their history and culture and will be honored to tell you more about what life in Patagonia is like.

Discover the workings of an authentic estancia

The strong, beautiful horses in our stables are well cared for by the baqueanos and take tourists across the wild Patagonian lands.

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What does it include?

Transport yourself back to the bustling life of a working ranch in Patagonia. Spend the morning or afternoon with the baqueanos, learning about their daily activities and how to care for the horses, as well as indulge in traditional snacks and beverages.

  • 1 Time with our baqueanos. Ask them all your questions about life in Patagonia!
  • 2 Learn about the horse equipment and care, and go for a ride.
  • 3 Take a photo with a traditional cowboy and on a strong, spirited Patagonian horse, made complete with the Paine Massif in the background!

Las Torres Patagonia