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Las Torres Patagonia introduces innovations and environmental commitments for the 2024-2025 season

The company announced the remodeling of its hotel rooms, new infrastructure and other projects that will mark the season.

Las Torres Patagonia signs the Glasgow Declaration

Las Torres Patagonia co-signed with Jeremy Sampson, the co-author of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action and Tourism, launched at COP26 in Scotland.

Las Torres Patagonia announces the winners of the 10 Volunteers for 10 Days campaign

The ten winners will have the opportunity to be part of the Base Torres Trail reconstruction in Torres del Paine National Park.

Las Torres Patagonia conducts fire drill in Torres del Paine National Park

The exercise is just one of many emergency simulations carried out in the national park to address an array of critical scenarios.

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Local flavors in our Central Bar’s cocktails

Meet the cocktails of our Central Bar, a mix of flavors and aromas that will always remind you of Patagonia. Discover it!

Labor Day: Recognizing those who craft the Las Torres Patagonia experience

We’d like to acknowledge all those individuals who make the magic of Patagonia possible. Here we’ll share some of their stories.

Your adventure begins with the Las Torres Transportation Team

Hopping on board marks not only the beginning of your journey, but also the beginning of the unique travel experience.

Torres del Paine National Park

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the national park that is home to the eighth wonder of the world.

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