Mountain Hostels in Torres del Paine - Central, Norte, Cuernos, Francés

Mountain Hostels in Torres del Paine

A more relaxing version of the backpacker experience. Cap the day with a comfy bed, heating, hot shower and conversations with other adventurers.

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Our Mountain Hostels

Weather in Patagonia changes from one minute to the next. Ensure a warm bed, hot shower and friendly, backpacker comradery each night by staying in our mountain hostels.

By hiking lighter, you can take advantage of being on trail and losing yourself in the beauty of each moment.

Lodging Rates: Stay in a single bed in a shared room:

  • Low season (October and April): USD $160
  • High season (November to March) USD $180

Meal Plans: Food service is limited in capacity.

  • Full board (breakfast, box lunch and dinner*): USD $110.
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner*): USD $80.

During Christmas and New Year:

  • Full board (breakfast, box lunch and dinner*): USD $150.
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner*): USD $120.

Note: For vegetarian option please book in advance.

Individual Meals

  • Breakfast: USD $30
  • Box Lunch (Lunch to go): USD $35.
  • Lunch: USD $55.
  • Dinner*: USD $55.


  • The published rates and dates are valid until April 2025.
  • During the winter season, access to the trail is only permitted with an accredited guide approved by the distinguished municipality of Torres del Paine.
Welcome to our Base Camp
Central Mountain Hostel

It’s nice to have a day to spend here. We promise there’s no lack of sights to see or things to do! You can take advantage of the day by heading over to Mount Almirante Nieto, the Lake Nordenskjöld or the Las Torres Base Viewpoint. Or, take it easy and leisurely walk the Educational Trail or mosey over by the horse stables. At the end of the day or in-between activities, relax in the lounge or enjoy a drink at the bar or appetizers at the restaurant.

Our bustling center of operations has all your conveniences covered. You can rent tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats at the time of booking, as well as conveniently stock up on snacks, store luggage, connect to WiFi, or, if you need a little pampering, head over to Hotel Las Torres for some Spa treatment.

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A 360 panorama
Cuernos Mountain Hostel

It’s hard to pick favorites in Torres del Paine, but this camp is truly stellar. While the Los Cuernos Mountains will take your breath away, that’s not all this sector has to offer. Lake Nordenskjöld and a cascading waterfall are also waiting for your visit.

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See the famous “foehn” winds
Francés Mountain Hostel

The stunning 360 degree views from the outside of this hostel will be beautifully ingrained in your memory forever. Looking around at Lake Nordenskjöld, Mount Paine Grande, Mount Ferrier, Mount Tenerife and the Balmaceda and Chacabuco Mountain Ranges is a humbling and inspiring experience. You’ll likely also see the famous “foehn” winds zipping like little tornadoes of water around the lake, and hear the sounds of avalanches from the Francés Glacier. This full panoramic is quite a sight to behold!

Leave your gear behind and head up the Francés Valley with a light backpack of just the essentials, then come back and savor a bite to eat in the hostel restaurant.

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Happy Guests and Incredible Memories

Our guests and visitors come to experience Torres del Paine for the purity of it´s nature and extraordinary contrasts.

They leave Reserva Las Torres with the most incredible memories from an authentic natural adventure.

Google Review

Excellent service and very polite and friendly. The mountain hostels are at top international standards. The best we experienced in Puerto Natales.

Angel Troncozo Dangelo
Tripadvisor Review

Excellent trekking and a wonderful place with unmissable views. My son and I hiked the W Circuit for 4 days and it was not wasted, everything was just fabulous. The contrast between the mountains and the lakes make it a really special place. It requires a basic level of physical preparation, but nothing that cannot be managed.


Las Torres Patagonia