Explore the Las Torres Reserve in Torres del Paine National Park

The Authentic Patagonian Experience

Welcome to our Reserve and traditional horse ranch, a magical place where you will feel immersed in raw breathtaking nature with inmense landscapes and in touch with true Patagonian culture, taking full advantage of the best location and base camp for adventure, in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. We invite you to discover the incredible experience we can offer and the amazing work we are doing in conservation in Las Torres Reserve.

Our Story

Year 1905
A new life in Patagonia
At the young age of 15, Antonio Kusanovic Jercic left Croatia and began a new life at the end of the world, far from home, in Patagonia. In 1926 his son, Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, was born and would eventually follow in his footsteps.
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Year 1979
Cerro Paine Ranch
Antonio Kusanovic Jercic purchased the Cerro Paine Ranch, with plans to continue his family heritage in livestock. The wide open, unpopulated, diverse land of Patagonia was ideal for agriculture purposes and the ranch was used exclusively for these purposes for decades. Over time, the Kusanovic family had more than 600 cows grazing the land.
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Year 1990
The birth of Hotel Las Torres
As word of mouth started spreading about Patagonia, Torres del Paine, and the three massive granite towers that soared there, Antonio and his wife Amor Eliana Marusic began to offer a warm bed and home-cooked food to tired travelers. They refurbished part of their ranch, built nine rooms and constructed a restaurant… giving the simple beginnings to Hotel Las Torres.
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Year 1996
Development of Mountain Hostels
Backpackers thirsty for adventure started coming to Torres del Paine, looking for that intense connection to nature. The first mountain hostel was Albergue Las Torres (nowadays called Refugio Norte), which was followed by Cuernos and Chileno.
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Year 2001
New identity: Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
As the curiosity around Torres del Paine grew, the Hotel developed along with it. In 2001 it became known as Hotel Las Torres Patagonia, reflecting the authentic, rustic ranch that it is today, fully embracing its cultural heritage and proudly sharing it with visitors who want a glimpse into Patagonian life.
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Year 2013
Torres del Paine without livestock
Focused on the long-term commitment to preservation and sustainability of this one of a kind, natural resource-rich land the family decided to remove all livestock from Torres del Paine. This was the first big step towards sustainable tourism and inspiring the world with the culture and landscapes of Patagonia.
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Year 2016
Construction of our Welcome Center
The Welcome Center is our official recepcion and welcome point for all visitors to Las Torres Reserve, where people can find information about the Park, the Reserve and the hiking circuits. The Center also provides important education on environmental conservation and best practices.
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Year 2020
Transformation to Las Torres Reserve
Hotel Las Torres, Fantastico Sur, NGO Ama and conservation projects will now be presented under the same name and brand, Las Torres Patagonia.
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Explore what the Reserve has to offer

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Our Philosophy

Our Safety Promise
The well being and safety of our guests, visitors and staff is our first priority in Las Torres Reserve. We have implemented all the protocols recommended by the leading authorities: World Health Organization (WHO), National Tourism Service and Adventure Tourism Association (ATTA); and we have invested in specialized equipment and the latest technology in order to maximize all proteccions against COVID-19.
Nature Conservation
We are committed to preserving the magic of Torres del Paine National Park and it´s unexplored nature for future generations. We are dedicated to a number of investigation projects related to the Park´s endemic wildlife, environmental education and reforestry. In Las Torres Reserve we are implementing all the most recommended and recognised best practices, with the aim to become references in nature conservation.
Authentic Patagonian Culture
From the most remote corner of the world, we seek to inspire our visitors with the amazing nature and culture of Chilean Patagonia. We would like to share our baqueanos (cowboys and girls) unique way of life and our ranch traditions. There´s nothing more genuine than Las Torres Reserve.
Sustainable Tourism
We are proud of the best practices that we have implemented in sustainable tourism, together with the restoration projects in Las Torres that benefit both the visitor experience and the environment.

Conservation of Patagonian Nature and Culture

AMA Torres del Paine
In 2004 we formed AMA Torres del Paine, a non-profit environmental group, with the key aim to support and finance investigation projects and programmes targetted at the protection and conservation of our natural environment. Every year AMA supports and contributes to numerous conservation, scientific investigation and environmental educational projects all with the main objective to conserve Torres del Paine´s unique natural and cultural resources.
Conservation of our Heritage
We work in Torres del Paine National Park and with the local communities to preserve the natural and cultural resources, and to minimize negative impacts and risks to our environmental.

Our People & Projects

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Las Torres Patagonia