Registration Open for the Third Installment of the “Fjord Plunge" - Reserva Las Torres

Registration Open for the Third Installment of the “Fjord Plunge"

Las Torres Patagonia will once again join an organizing committee inviting regional communities to participate in the “Fjord Plunge.”

Última Esperanza Province, August 4, 2023: For the third year in a row, the Última Esperanza Province will kick off the summer season with the traditional “Fjord Plunge.” This activity invites hundreds of people to dive into the Señoret Canal’s icy waters, challenging one’s resistance to low temperatures and creating an open event for families and tourists visiting the region.

The 2023 event takes place this Saturday, September 9 at 12:00 p.m. on Puerto Natales’s coast in front of the Costa Australis. All those interested must register on the event’s official website. According to authorities and organizers, about a thousand people are expected to join this activity.

Las Torres Patagonia’s Sustainability Manager, John Ojeda, will return to the organizing committee and extends an invitation to all interested parties. “We are pleased to develop this third version of the ‘Fjord Plunge,’ a way for all people to challenge themselves. Many come to create lasting memories, reach a goal or show they are capable of doing something not everyone can or would dare do,” commented Ojeda.

The Sustainability Manager expressed appreciation for these events, recalling, “this type of initiative, bringing together entire communities, reminds us that, a few years ago, we could not hold this type of massive event. After the pandemic, we can finally continue enjoying these types of attractions.”

The Fjord Plunge’s main objective is promoting tourism in the province, similar to Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales’s tourism development.

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