Las Torres Base Viewpoint - Reserva Las Torres

Las Torres Base Viewpoint

Walk through Ascencio Valley to a viewpoint of the famous Las Torres Base Viewpoint.

Las Torres Base Viewpoint Full Day Tour

18.8 km / 11.7 mi
8 hrs total
CLP $120.000

Walk along the foothills of Mount Almirante Nieto, where the combination of the breeze and the view will make your soul feel alive. Granite peaks stand in the distance as you follow the trail along the steep slopes of the Ascencio Valley. Lush trees and vegetation line the river below and your sight extends to the end of the valley, giving you a full view of the hike ahead. You’ll enter a native lenga forest and eventually hit a rocky area, which represents the final, yet hardest, section of the trail. This climb will literally keep you on your toes, and you’ll need to pay attention as you step from one rock to the next. But like all hard work, you’ll get your reward. At the top you’ll get to relax and ponder the beauty of the world in front of the Las Torres Mountains.

What is there to enjoy?

Ascencio Valley

This valley builds increasing excitement, as its magestic views lead to Las Torres Base Viewpoint. It features the Oggioni Mountains in the distance, a windy river below, a grassy slope on one side, a rocky incline on the other, and a trail that gets steeper and steeper until you enter a native forest of lenga and Antarctic beech trees.

Native Lenga Forest

One of Patagonia’s iconic trees, Nothofagus pumilio thrives in areas with low temperatures and heavy snow. Lenga woodland provides a habitat for many animals such as Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral parakeets, Chilean flickers and other forest birds.

Las Torres

Amongst the most famous mountains in the world, these three towering, granite peaks soar in the blue sky at 2850m / 9350ft, 2800m / 9200ft, and 2600m / 8500ft. Molded by pure glacial force, these are the breath-taking towers that give the Park its name.

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What does it include?

All of our tours include an expert and friendly bilingual guide who is thrilled to make your experience the best it can be! Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the special place you are visiting. A delicious box lunch is also included.

  • 1 Guided hike to the Torres del Paine
  • 2 Lunch at Las Torres Base Viewpoint
  • 3 Don’t forget to bring your camera, with its batteries charged and space on the SD card, so you can capture the unforgettable moments!

Las Torres Patagonia