Patagón - Reserva Las Torres


Discover cave paintings of the Aonikenk culture and enjoy the variety of wildlife in this corner of the Park

Patagón Half Day Tour

9,5km / 5,9mi
4hrs total
CLP $153.000

The day starts leaving the hotel at 7:45 a.m., where you will take a van that will take you to the Sarmiento gate of the National Park. Afterwards you will walk 9.5km on a mostly flat terrain, crossing the pampas, where you will understand ancient geological processes that have shaped this world biosphere reserve, finding records of the first inhabitants of these lands. It is a protected territory that you can only enter with certified guides where you can find Aonikenk rock paintings as well as a great wildlife activity, mainly guanacos, as well as a high presence of birds of prey, scavengers and pumas.

What is there to enjoy?

Lake Sarmiento

Named after the Spanish explorer Sarmiento de Gamboa, it has an average depth of 350m / 1150ft and covers an area of 86 km² / 33mi². It belongs to the same basin as Amarga Lagoon.

Ancient pictographs

Rock paintings carved by the ancient Aónikenk people who roamed Patagonia for over 7,000 years. These people were called Patagones (Big Feet) by the early Spanish, who mistakenly thought they were giants. Another theory states the name comes from a main character in the novel “Don Duardos” and hypothesizes that Hernando de Magallanes had read this book during his Patagonian exploration.

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What does it include?

All of our tours include an expert and friendly bilingual guide who is thrilled to make your experience the best it can be! Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the special place you are visiting. Transport and a delicious box lunch are also included.

  • 1 Van transport
  • 2 Don’t forget to bring your camera, with its batteries charged and space on the SD card, so you can capture the unforgettable moments!

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