Patagón - Reserva Las Torres


Learn about the Aónikenk people of Patagonia and see ancient drawings they left frozen in time on stone walls.

Patagón Full Day Tour

11km / 7mi
6hrs total

Start the day near Amarga Lagoon, up close with the literal origins of life on earth. This lake is one of the few left on earth that contain cyanobacteria, which played a fundamental role in transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen and permitting life to evolve. You’ll head south through an area that local guides have dubbed the “puma restaurant.” While the likelihood of seeing this iconic feline during daytime are slim, the evidence of their presence is apparent on the trail. But, by keeping the noise down and your eyes open, you have a good chance of spotting foxes, condors and rheas, the Patagonian version of the emu.

You’ll have the opportunity to visualize the evolution of Patagonia’s habitation, from the dinosaurs and large mammals to the first group that chose to settle and make this area of Torres del Paine their home. The original groups of hunters and gatherers inhabited this region 7,000 years ago and about halfway along the trail, we’ll see a large, overhanging rock formation displaying their renderings in pictographs.

We’ll enjoy the tremendous view before continuing to Lake Sarmiento, where you’ll get a glimpse of that same life-giving bacteria, this time in the form of a lumpy structure called Thrombolites. These coral-like formations get to 2 meters / 6 feet in size.

What will you see?

Lake Sarmiento

Named after the Spanish explorer Sarmiento de Gamboa, it has an average depth of 350m / 1150ft and covers an area of 86 km² / 33mi². It belongs to the same basin as Amarga Lagoon.

Ancient pictographs

Rock paintings carved by the ancient Aónikenk people who roamed Patagonia for over 7,000 years. These people were called Patagones (Big Feet) by the early Spanish, who mistakenly thought they were giants. Another theory states the name comes from a main character in the novel “Don Duardos” and hypothesizes that Hernando de Magallanes had read this book during his Patagonian exploration.

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What does it include?

All of our tours include an expert and friendly bilingual guide who is thrilled to make your experience the best it can be! Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the special place you are visiting. Transport and a delicious box lunch are also included.

  • 1 Van transport
  • 2 Don’t forget to bring your camera, with its batteries charged and space on the SD card, so you can capture the unforgettable moments!