Horse Stables - Reserva Las Torres

Horse Stables at the Las Torres Reserve

Stop by and say hi to our over 200 strong, beautiful Patagonian horses.

Our cowboy culture started more than 100 years ago

The first horses were brought to Patagonia by the Spanish at the beginning of the 16th century. Later, during the 19th century, the spread of livestock in the southern regions of Chile and Argentina marked the birth of the “baqueano” cowboy culture. The baqueanos at Las Torres Reserve will proudly tell you more about their history and culture.

Our horses seem to have this same spirit in their genes, as they take guests on tours along the shore of lakes, slopes of mountains, and across the pampas. They happily gallop through the Chilean Patagonia and thrive in this open, wild environment. If you are looking for unique photographic material, catch our baqueanos early in the morning as they bring in the herd that was grazing freely during the night.

What will you see?

Get to know our baqueanos

The cowboys who work at the Las Torres Reserve are descendants of horsemen who came to work ranches in this remote region more than a century ago.

Learn about traditional Patagonia culture

Our baqueanos are very proud of their history and culture and will be honored to tell you more about what life in Patagonia is like.

Discover the workings of an authentic estancia

The beautiful, strong horses in our stables are well cared for by the baqueanos and take tourists across the wild Patagonian lands.

Get to know our horses

Over 200 horses graze the lands of Las Torres Reserve and take happy tourists through the surreal Patagonian landscape.

Listen to traditional music

Our baqueanos will likely be taking care of the horses and listening to folkloric favorites. See the sights and hear the sounds of a working ranch.

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Happy Guests and Incredible Memories !

Our guests and visitors come to experience Torres del Paine for the purity of it´s nature and extraordinary contrasts.

They leave Reserva Las Torres with the most incredible memories from an authentic natural adventure

Facebook Review

We greatly enjoyed our time here. The excursions showed us things we’d been dreaming of for years. The staff were very friendly and helpful. My only regret is that our stay was too short to take every excursion we wanted! We took the all inclusive option and I would definitely recommend that route.

Tina St. John
Facebook Review

An amazing place with staff who were so friendly and helpful both in organising our excursions and room service. We especially appreciated our many guides, Josie, Alex, Deanne, Martius, Diago and Kristen for their understanding and knowledge of the area. I was very fortunate to see a puma during one of our excursions.
Where the hotel is situated, leaves me breathless, each time I walk around.
So finally, my husband and I would like to thank you for everything.

Daisy Lee

Las Torres Patagonia