O Circuit - Reserva Las Torres

O Circuit

8 days / 7 nights in mountain hostels or camping

Guide options: Self-guided or Guided.

Experience Torres del Paine in her finest element. Hiking the full circuit gives you the unique perspective of immersing yourself in pampas, mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, forests and valleys in just one trip.

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A hike of a lifetime in a wild place at the end of the world

The O Circuit takes all the sights of the popular W Circuit, and then kicks it up a notch. This hike includes all the wonders the northern side of the park has to offer, letting you experience a whole new Torres del Paine. With very few hikers, peace, solace, and serenity reign powerfully in the mountain breeze.

While the W sections of the hike can include overnights at mountain hostels, the O portion has sections that can only be camped. Your intense connection with nature during these days will bestow you with moments, wild lands, and drastic photo-ops that are seen by few people. Some of the highlights include traversing daisy fields, crossing rivers, and climbing the astonishing John Garner Pass.

The O Circuit gets its name from the way it “closes” the W Circuit. This hike will push your limits, but the self-satisfaction and pure amazement at the raw terrain will undoubtedly make it all worth it.

What will you see?

Las Torres

Amongst the most famous mountains in the world, these three towering, granite peaks soar in the blue sky at 2850m / 9350ft, 2800m / 9200ft, and 2600m / 8500ft. Molded by pure glacial force, these are the breath-taking towers that give the Park its name.

Los Cuernos

These three mountains put up a fight with the Las Torres Mountains over prettiest in the Park. Standing at 2600m / 8500ft, 2400m / 7900ft and 2200m / 7200ft, the different types of rocks that make up this massif create a stark, beautiful, and multi-colored contrast. A 700m / 3000ft wide slab of granite crosses the middle of these uniquely shaped mountains.

Francés Valley

This lookout in the middle of the W Circuit boasts unmatchable views. To the west, you can gaze at the Cuernos, Espada, Hoja and Máscara mountains. To the east, the Francés Glacier overhangs Mount Paine Grande. To the north, the jagged Fortaleza and Aleta de Tiburón (shark’s fin) peaks stand out against the sky. As if that wasn’t enough, the valley is immersed in a Nothofagus forest filled with many species of trees and vegetation that produce a variety of flowers and change colors during autumn.

Paine Grande

Made up of four summits, Paine Grande is recognized as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The highest peak towers at 3050m / 10000ft, making it the tallest mountain in the Macizo Paine Range and also the technically hardest mountain to climb in the entire Torres del Paine National Park.

Glaciar Grey

This is the largest glacier in Torres del Paine National Park, measuring 6km / 4mi wide, 30m / 100ft tall and 19km / 12mi long. Its floating icebergs and glacial moraines are just as picturesque as the glacier itself, which tumbles down from the massive Southern Ice Field. To see this gorgeous ice formation up close, you can take a boat ride, a kayak tour or an ice-hiking excurision.

Glacier Dickson

Revealed after a steep and exhausting ascent, this glaciar provides a tremendous and rejuvenating view. It originates from the Southern Ice Field but has unfortunately experienced significant shrinkage over the last few decades, resulting in an expansion of its lake below.

Lake Dickson

A welcome sight revealed after a steep climb, this lake is part of the Southern Ice Field and flows into the Paine River. Fed by the Dickson, Cubo and Frias glaciers, in 1998 shrinkage of Dickson led to an expansion of the lake, which now flows over 17km / 10.5mi long and crosses the border of Chile and Argentina.

Glaciar Los Perros

This hanging glacier comes from the Olguín Mountain Range, not the Southern Ice Field, which explains its name of Glacier Olguín on the southern side. Unfortunately, this glaciar has experienced the largest shrinkage over the last 20 years.

John Garner Mountain Pass

One of the most memorable and spectacular views in the Park. Found at 1200m / 3900ft, this mountain pass is one of the highest trekking points in Torres del Paine and overlooks the immensity of Grey Glacier. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Southern Ice Field.

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What will it be like?

What does it include?

  • 1 Guided (Private or Group) or Unguided Options
  • 2 Park Entrance Fee
  • 3 Transport to and from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park
  • 4 Catamaran from Paine Grande
  • 5 7 nights in fully equipped campsite (tent, sleeping bag, mat, and liner)
  • 6 All Meals
  • 7 A hike of a lifetime

  • 1 Guided (Private or Group) or Unguided Options
  • 2 Park Entrance Fee
  • 3 Transport to and from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park
  • 4 Catamaran from Paine Grande
  • 5 6 nights in Mountain Hostel with warm bed, fully made or with a sleeping bag and pillow
  • 6 1 night in fully equipped campsite (tent, sleeping bag, mat, and liner)
  • 7 All Meals
  • 8 A hike of a lifetime

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