Las Torres Patagonia Adds Exploration Activities with Underwater Robotics -

Las Torres Patagonia Adds Exploration Activities with Underwater Robotics

This new resource can also be used for rescue activities and examining areas for water sports.

August 23, 2023, Torres del Paine: Expanding our understanding and knowledge of our environment is a core principle of the work driven by Las Torres Patagonia. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the spectrum of nature in all its dimensions. In this vein, a new milestone has been achieved in collaboration with the NGO AMA Torres del Paine: underwater exploration through robotics.

John Ojeda, the Sustainability Manager at Las Torres Patagonia, has successfully completed the training to become a Certified Underwater Robotics (ROV) Operator. This skill will enable the NGO to explore the depths of the sea and lakes.

This will complement Ojeda’s specialized diving skills, opening up greater opportunities to investigate aquatic fauna and underwater flora, as well as the various dynamics that occur in the water at different depths and the effects that the climate can have on them.

Las Torres Patagonia Adds Exploration Activities with Underwater Robotics

“I’m excited to continue exploring the wonders of the underwater world in an innovative way and to contribute to search and rescue efforts,” Ojeda commented. He added, “This new knowledge will also be valuable for inspecting the coastal edge for the ‘Fjord Plunge,’ an activity that marks the beginning of the upcoming tourist season on September 9.”

This new addition at Las Torres Patagonia will also expand the range of rescue operations, offering the capability to explore and search in proximity to a water source.

Las Torres Patagonia Adds Exploration Activities with Underwater Robotics

This training initiative is thanks to the Last Hope Tourism Chamber, who, through their efforts, have provided the opportunity to further educate professionals in our reserve.

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