Las Torres Patagonia Will Be Part of the PIM 2023 - Reserva Las Torres

Las Torres Patagonia Will Be Part of the PIM 2023

Our Welcome Center will make up a fundamental section of the route participants from thirty-eight countries will run.

Torres del Paine, September 8, 2023: This Saturday, September 9, Las Torres Patagonia will be part of a new edition of the Patagonian International Marathon (PIM), a race that attracts participants from all over the world to test their skills against the region’s stunning landscapes as a backdrop.

In its eleventh edition, just like in its first and last versions, this year’s challenging route corresponds to a vehicle road connecting Las Torres Patagonia’s Weber Bridge and the Welcome Center, passing through Pudeto, the Nordenskjöld Viewpoint, and the Laguna Amarga Gate.

This race will feature a diverse group of participants, as it has been confirmed that runners from thirty-eight countries around the world will be present at PIM, 2023.

During the event day, there will be some traffic restrictions; however, traffic between Portería Río Serrano and Lago Grey will operate normally. Restrictions on the roads connecting the Weber Bridge with the Laguna Amarga Gate will be in effect from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Additionally, the section between the Laguna Amarga Gate and the Welcome Center will be restricted from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. For those who still need to travel through the area, there will be time slots for cautious circulation after 11:00 AM.

The event has the Last Hope Tourism Chamber, Illustrious Municipality of Torres del Paine, CONAF, Ministry of Public Works (MOP), Chilean Police, and ProChile’s required authorization and support.

Las Torres Patagonia Will Be Part of the PIM 2023

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