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Seron Sectors Anticipated Opening for October 1

The O Circuit’s opening, which was brought forward due to this season’s high demand, is the first milestone for those wishing to trek in Torres del Paine National Park this year.

As the season approaches, Torres del Paine — one of the main tourist attractions in the country — brings people from all over the world to trek its famous circuits. In response to rising demand, Las Torres Reserve decided to open the infamous Seron Sector. Adventure tourism lovers interested in adding the O Circuit to their list of attractions to visit this year can count on the Seron Sector. Its facilities will be offered as part of Torres del Paine’s O Circuit, one of the most in-demand treks in the world.

Given this season’s forecasted demand, Seron Sector will open on October 1, 2023, a milestone for the O Circuit, located four hours from the Central Sector, which offers campsites, a dining room, bar, free Wi-Fi and bathrooms with showers and hot water.

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