WHOA Travel participates in sustainability workshop with AMA Torres del Paine -

WHOA Travel participates in sustainability workshop with AMA Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine, November 19, 2023: An enjoyable day unfolded this week at the NGO, AMA Torres del Paine, where a group of tour operators participated in various activities carried out in Torres del Paine National Park.

WHOA Travel, a group of “women empowering women” collaborating with guides and entrepreneurs worldwide to strengthen communities, got front row seats at AMA’s activities led by director, John Ojeda.

Through this gathering, the group of eighteen women became acquainted with various sustainable actions, such as the operation of nurseries and lenga forest conservation in the area.

One of the activities they particularly enjoyed was the transplanting of lenga trees into larger bags. This practice is carried out when saplings reach a sufficient size to continue spreading their roots in larger containment bags.

The day concluded with a meditation session, accompanied by the sounds of the wind, trees, and surrounding nature. The session created the perfect atmosphere to conclude an exciting activity.

“We appreciate the WHOA Travel Team’s visit. We hope they share their experience with friends and colleagues, so we can continue bringing AMA Torres del Paine’s sustainable activities to every corner of the world,” commented the NGO’s director, John Ojeda.

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