Construction Advances For the New Base of the Towers Trail - Reserva Las Torres

Construction Advances For the New Base of the Towers Trail

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For the second year in a row, and with the leadership of Las Torres Reserve, the conservation group AMA Torres del Paine and international experts, the construction of a new, sustainable and safe trail begins again on Torres del Paine National Park’s most famous route. 

The work to create a trail that lives up to the interest in the 8th wonder of the world and its beauty does not rest. Last year, work on the new trail was started by a group of experts and volunteers with the aim of mitigating erosion caused by the transit of thousands of tourists there. 

Team of volunteers for the construction of the Base Torres Trail

Thanks to an alliance between the NGO AMA Torres del Paine and Conservation VIP, with the collaboration of the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, and with all the logistical support of Las Torres Reserve, a group of ten experts in sustainable trail construction were able to reach the ends of the world, in Chilean Patagonia, to offer their concept, knowledge and experience in the reconstruction work of the Base of the Towers trail.

One year later, work is already underway again, with the aim of achieving a new trail to the Base of the Towers in the shortest time possible. Contributions from international experts like Garry Oye, from Conservation VIP, are leading the work, as they have done in various places in the world. 

Weeding work trail construction

Additionally, trail expert Jacob Brett Sutra, who designed the new trail to the Base of the Towers in its early days, returned to Patagonia to collaborate with the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund and the AMA Torres del Paine park rangers in weeding, drainage, and other determining aspects for a sustainable planning of the area.

The international expert on sustainable trails, Fischer Toussaint Bissell Gangemi, has the mission of continuing the volunteer and collaboration work with Las Torres Reserve during the months that follow this season.

“These efforts are still important, as the task is important. Having a sustainable trail to the famous granite towers is simply necessary, and we can all be a part of the solution. Our call is to all kinds of tourism companies to collaborate in this work, to have a trail to the Base of the Towers that is sustainable and meets the importance of this magnificent destination,” said Mauricio Kusanovic, a member of the Board of Las Torres Reserve.

Volunteer work for the construction of the Base Torres trail

Recently, companies such as Venture Patagonia, and Quazar Expeditions have made contributions to help and collaborate in the arduous tasks of rebuilding the new trail. The understanding is that this project will be a great benefit for the tourism community of Torres Del Paine, as well as for future tourists who plan to visit the Base of the Towers trail. Without a doubt, this project will offer a safe and environmentally friendly trail that will make the journey to the 8th wonder of the world a better experience for all. 

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