The Las Torres Reserve Regenerative Kitchen Garden - Reserva Las Torres

The Las Torres Reserve Regenerative Kitchen Garden

Get some nature therapy by spending time in our large kitchen garden. It is one of the world’s southernmost regenerative gardens and produces an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Regenerative Kitchen Garden Half Day Tour

2-3 hrs
Free Activity

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. When the Kusanovic Family took over the property, they immediately began cultivating their own herbs, fruits and vegetables. Today, our garden has developed immensely since its origin in the early 1950s and is now one of the region’s largest regenerative gardens.

Within about a half hectare, one of the world’s southernmost regenerative gardens produces seasonal fruits and vegetables using bio-intensive, sustainable methods. We aim to strike a balance between conserving heirloom varieties and meeting production goals. Many of the ingredients found in our restaurant dishes and bar cocktails come directly from the garden!

We have nine types of fruits and more than twenty-five types of vegetables, along with an ever-growing number of culinary and medicinal herbs.

Our garden is part of our long-term strategy to leave the smallest possible footprint within the National Park and just one example of the Las Torres Reserve’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

What is there to enjoy?

Get to know our staff and volunteers

Our cheerful gardeners love what they do and would be delighted to share their gardening tips with you. We use many bio-intensive and sustainable methods for working the land.

Ask for fresh aromas on your cocktails

You’ll love the presentation of our flavorful cocktails, decorated with herbs right from the garden.

Order a colorful salad with vegetables from the garden

The salads burst with flavors as rich as their colors, with flowers and native fruits beautifully presented and exquisitely combined.

Learn about our compost methods

By transforming organic residue into useful fertilizer, we reduce our waste and add important nutrients back into the soil.

Take a moment to relax and meditate

You’ll feel the wind in your hair, sun on your face, and peace from the mountains, while smelling the fresh fruits and vegetables growing around you.

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What does it include?

Stimulate your senses with a sunny morning or afternoon in the garden and learn techniques from our master gardeners. If you feel like lending a hand, there are always daily harvesting tasks to be done!

  • 1 Time with our master gardeners. Ask them all your gardening questions!
  • 2 Learn bio-intensive and sustainable gardening techniques
  • 3 Take a photo in one of the largest, southernmost regenerative gardens in the world.

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