Lake Nordenskjöld Horseback Riding Full Day Tour - Reserva Las Torres

Lake Nordenskjöld Horseback Riding Full Day Tour

Join local baqueanos for a horseback ride to Lake Nordenskjöld, following a portion of the W Circuit.

Lake Nordenskjöld Horseback Riding Full Day Tour

13 km / 8.1 mi
6 hrs total
CLP $205.000

This fantastic horseback tour is excellent for beginner riders looking to face a new challenge. You’ll walk the Reserve’s private trails and feel the inspiring energy that radiates in these silent places where your best company is nature herself. As you ride along the deep blue shores of Lake Nordenskjöld, our expert baqueanos will help you learn how to ride. With the wind in your hair, the sounds of the lake, and the rhythm of the horse’s strong, sturdy movements, you’ll get a feel of Patagonia and its beginnings. Creating a genuine connection with nature, you’ll feel the powerfully pure joy of the moment.

Mount Almirante Nieto and its hanging glacier will hover in the skyline and you’ll appreciate numerous viewpoints and Patagonian flora as you cross pristine rivers and dense forests on horseback. We will venture into the Asencio Valley and cross the Asencio River, where you’ll be able to appreciate an ecotone – the intersection of two distinct ecosystems. The forest and the pampas transition into one another, uniquely blending together in the middle.

This famous lake is situated at the base of the Paine Massif and is named after Otto Nordenskjöld (1869-1928), a Swedish-Finnish explorer who dedicated himself to the study of Chile, Antarctica, Peru, and Greenland.

What is there to enjoy?

Lake Nordenskjöld

Uniting Pudete with Paine Grande, this turquoise lake serves as the starting point for ecstatic trekkers. It sits under the Los Cuernos Mountains and has an average depth of 200m / 650ft and covers an area of 28 km² / 11mi². It is named after Otto Nordenskjöld (1869-1928), a Swedish-Finnish explorer who dedicated himself to the study of Antarctica, Greenland, Chile, and Peru.

Mount Almirante Nieto

Located right between the emblematic Las Torres and Los Cuernos Mountains, various hanging glaciers tumble from its summit and its beauty deserves its own attention. It has the special feature of facing multiple directions and having a unique look from each – if you see it from one angle, you likely won’t recognize it from the next!

Paine Massif

A small but striking mountain range that beholds the majority of the Park’s top sights, including the Las Torres Mountains, Mount Cerro Paine, Ascencio Valley, and the Francés Valley.


Abundant and diverse wildlife run freely in Torres del Paine National Park, most notably guanacos, Chilean skunk, grey and Andean foxes, pumas, Andean deer, flamengos, flightless Rheas, and condors. Within the Park lives 120 types of birds, 25 mammals, 4 fish, 3 amphibians, 7 reptiles and 170 species of insect.

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What does it include?

All of our tours include an expert and friendly bilingual guide who is thrilled to make your experience the best it can be! Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the special place you are visiting.

  • 1 Fun horseback riding experience apt for beginners
  • 2 Guided by local baqueanos and guides
  • 3 Helmet and gaiters
  • 4 Lunch
  • 5 Don’t forget to bring your camera, with its batteries charged and space on the SD card, so you can capture the unforgettable moments!

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