EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia: the Largest Yoga and Wellness Gethering in Patagonia - Reserva Las Torres

EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia: the Largest Yoga and Wellness Gethering in Patagonia

The 7th EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia Gethering, a holistic experience, which included yoga classes, complementary therapies, and ecologically conscious actions in the most impressive natural environment in Patagonia, has successfully been completed.

As is tradition, the EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia Gethering was held at the Hotel Las Torres, offering an enriching experience for visitors to Torres del Paine.

In this 2023 edition, more than 70 attendees were able to enjoy a weekend in conscious and compassionate contact with nature; and participate in a wide variety of practices, lectures, and workshops that allowed them to connect with their essences and the environment.

EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia: the Largest Yoga and Wellness Gethering in Patagonia
EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia

Some of the activities that took place were forest baths, twin hearts meditation, dance and akashic records, dowsing workshops, art therapy, yoga dance, yoga classes, commemoration of the Pose Hour, and a visit to the organic garden.

When speaking about her experience, Valentina Perez Hernandez, a participant in the meeting, said: “I am extremely happy and with a heart full of love. I will be eternally grateful to have meditated and done yoga in front of the 8th Wonder of the World, simply priceless.”

11 monitors and sponsors also participated in the event, such as: Bus Sur, Agua Azul del Paine and EcoAustral, which took care of the waste generated in the meeting in order to make it an environmentally low-impact activity.

EcoYoga Las Torres Patagonia: the Largest Yoga and Wellness Gethering in Patagonia
EcoYoga Activity

In this context, Juan Lopez, commercial manager of Las Torres Patagonia, stated: “We want people to become aware of the importance of caring for the environment, to acquire practical tools for their day-to-day lives, and to be able to replicate them in their environment, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.”

In short, the mission of these activities is not only to raise environmental awareness, but also to inspire concrete and lasting changes in people and the community at large.

Wellness Experience at the 8th Wonder of the World

The EcoYoga Gethering Las Torres Patagonia is an initiative that was born in 2016, promoted by a group of yoga instructors from the Magallanes Region in conjunction with Hotel Las Torres. They had the idea of sharing different practices and therapies with a community, creating this meeting at the hotel, located in one of the most majestic natural environments in the world, the Torres del Paine National Park.

“The Las Torres Patagonia EcoYoga Gethering is an invitation to connect in a respectful, kinder, and more compassionate way with nature. This helps us to feel like a part of nature and more integrated as human beings. We feel that not only does our own health improve, but also that of the planet,” explained Miriam Fuentes, one of the organizers of this meeting.

Come participate in this meeting next season. Be part of and live the greatest experience of yoga, alternative therapies, and ecological awareness in Patagonia!

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