¡Vote for Chile! Only finalist in ATTA's Adventure in Motion 2022 contest - Reserva Las Torres

¡Vote for Chile! Only finalist in ATTA's Adventure in Motion 2022 contest

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The video, “Sustainable Cocktails Made in Patagonia” by Reserva Las Torres, was selected among three finalists in the Contest’s “Adventure Needs Community” category, organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). Voting is open!

Today, we announce excellent news for Chile’s positioning as a sustainable world-class tourist destination! The audiovisual piece “Sustainable Cocktails Made in Patagonia” by Reserva Las Torres was named as a finalist — the only one in Latin America — in the seventh edition of the Adventure in Motion short film contest, organized by ATTA, an important and robust adventure tourism association.

“Projects like this speak about the changes we have had in Las Torres Patagonia, where external community, as well as internal, are heard, generating virtuous spaces for collaboration, betting on conservation, and sustainable tourism. Through these alliances, we managed to project a powerful message about protecting and caring for Torres del Paine,” said Mauricio Kusanovic, Reserva Las Torres Executive Director.

This is how Reserva Las Torres, aware of its central role in the protection of Torres del Paine’s Patagonian Ecosystem and community work, ran for office with the video “Sustainable Cocktails” in the “Adventure Needs Community” category, which tells the story of bartender Federico Gil and his sustainable cocktails and organic craft beer proposal.

“With our cocktail bar, we transmit a message about conservation and respect for the environment in which we live. Remember, practices are individual, but real change is collective. The only path to sustainable tourism is eco-design and teamwork,” said Federico.

Today the short film “Sustainable cocktails made in Patagonia” competes with pieces from Thailand and Greenland for the award of Best Video Adventure in Motion 2022,

Thank you, Federico Gil and the team, at Pionero Bar Las Torres, also Cerveza Austral and the producer Rein.

The winners will be chosen through a virtual vote open from July 25 to August 19. On August 25, votes will be counted, and the three best videos will be selected and presented at the ATTA World Summit taking place in Lugano, Switzerland on October 3 to 6.

Voting is very easy, you just have to visit https://www.adventure.travel/adventure-in-motion?category=adventure-needs-community, fill in the form with your full name, email address and favorite video selection: “Sustainable Cocktails Made in Patagonia.”

By supporting Reserva Las Torres, you are also supporting Chile and Latin America in this important initiative that rewards sustainable efforts based on talent and creativity. Vote Today!

About Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

Founded in 1990 and with nearly 30.000 individual members from more than 84 countries, ATTA is a global benchmark in sustainability practices, nature and adventure tourism. In recent years it has led the Adventure In Motion competition, which rewards the most creative, exciting and inspiring audiovisual pieces about tourism experiences around the world, in three categories: “Adventure needs nature”, “Adventure needs women” and “Adventure needs community”.

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