Las Torres Patagonia announces the winners of the 10 Volunteers for 10 Days campaign - Reserva Las Torres

Las Torres Patagonia announces the winners of the 10 Volunteers for 10 Days campaign

The ten winners will have the opportunity to be part of the Base Torres trail reconstruction, contributing to building a sustainable trail that will preserve the balance of the ecosystem in the wonderful Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine, March 18, 2023.

With the goal of supporting continued reconstruction of the Base Torres trail, Chile’s most popular trail, Las Torres Patagonia has announced the winners of the “10 Volunteers for 10 Days” campaign. Las Torres Patagonia, a cultural and natural reserve and tourism company leading this initiative, is located in the heart of Torres del Paine national park.

The campaign, aimed at members of the public from North America, will award ten adventure tourism lovers the opportunity to visit the Torres del Paine national park, home to the eighth wonder of the world. From April 6 – 11 and April 14 – 19, winners will get the chance to get to visit Chilean Patagonia while supporting the reconstruction of this iconic trail.

The new trail to Base Torres has a more sustainable design and layout than the previous one, created by experts from parks around from North America, which will allow it to last for many years and avoid the wear and tear that affect the current route, such as erosion and constant use.

Las Torres Patagonia announces the winners of the 10 Volunteers for 10 Days campaign

Volunteer work will include:

– Work on building and maintaining the Base Torres trail.

– Naturalization and reconstruction work.

– Construction of stone stairs, walkways, and drainage.

– Volunteers will learn about slope, grade, and angle analysis for trail construction.

– Volunteers will learn about the impacts of poorly designed trails and the importance of regular maintenance.

– Safety, security, and proper use of various tools.

“The key to being able to reach all of these attractions is the trails,” explains Josian Yaksic, CEO of Las Torres Patagonia. “Without the trails, we don’t have Base Torres. A large part of these spaces are public-private, so collaborative work is required to be able to continue enjoying this natural and tourist attraction.”

Yaksic adds that in the same vein, “Now, more than ever, it is prudent to recognize the changing landscape and act for its survival. We are delighted to welcome passionate travelers not only to contribute to the future of one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, but also to experience it first-hand through voluntourism.”

The 10 Volunteers for 10 Days winners are:

  1. Evan Strandberg
  2. Jennifer Bach
  3. Sarah Gulick
  4. Tiffany Jones
  5. Patricia McGuire
  6. Angela Hrari
  7. Amanda Bjorge
  8. Jenn Loving Wade
  9. Jonathan Moser
  10. Adam Melfa

The winners will be divided into two groups of five and will travel for five days with all expenses paid and round-trip airfare to Chilean Patagonia, where they will have the opportunity to help rebuild the trail and its surroundings.

Upon arrival at the Puerto Natales airport, volunteers will begin their trip at Hotel Las Torres, the iconic all-inclusive ranch hotel located inside of Torres del Paine National Park, which offers several trekking circuits, including the famous W and O routes.

During the five-day trip, travelers will combine trail work, rest and exploration in one of the most breathtaking environments in the world.

Las Torres Patagonia announces the winners of the 10 Volunteers for 10 Days campaign

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