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Torres del Paine Park Rangers Expel Tourists for Violating Fire Regulations

CONAF (The National Forest Corporation) and park rangers expelled two tourists who violated fire regulations on the Serón trail located on the Las Torres Reserve, a private and sustainable land-holding, within the Torres del Paine National Park.

Christian Andrade, leader of the NGO AMA Torres del Paine park rangers, carried out the removal of the two tourists, from German nationality, who were infringing on the fire regulations in Torres del Paine National Park and Las Torres Reserve.

Carlos Baéz, a CONAF park ranger, made the complaint to the director of the NGO, AMA Torres del Paine, John Ojeda. He reported that they found two tourists lighting a stove in an unauthorized area, within the Las Torres Reserve.

From here, Christian Andrade took control of the situation and the communications with the tourists, who did not adhere to CONAF’s rules.

Given the seriousness of the event, Andrade coordinated the procedure to remove the tourists, with the support and approval of the local police and CONAF. The procedure also included a record of the incident and the tourists, so that in the future they would not be permitted to enter the National Park or Las Torres Reserve again.

Due to this situation, John Ojeda expressed: “It is important to emphasize that any inappropriate handling of fire that goes against the rules and/or the safety of the people, the environment and the destination will not be allowed. Our appeal is for everyone visiting to take care of this land and to be considerate for future visitors who want to enjoy the 8th Wonder of the World.”

It’s worth mentioning the intense work carried out by the NGO AMA Torres del Paine park rangers with the CONAF park rangers who patrol the Base of the Towers trail daily. This work allows for preventative action on the trails, closing of the trails to ensure no one is left behind, and, if necessary, activating safety protocols with the National Forestry Corporation.

Preventing Fires is Everyone’s Responsibility

In Las Torres Reserve requires compliance with same regulations of the National Park regarding the use of fire in protected and wild areas and reinforces the importance of that compliance:

  • Fire cannot be used, except in duly marked places and conditions.
  • Those who cause a risk of fire will be punished with fines, jail or even, in the case of foreigners, removal from the country.
  • When using the fire in authorized areas, keep in mind weather conditions, security measures, use it only in areas protected from the wind, and avoid its use in circumstances that are risky.
  • Maintain permanent vigilance over the fire and place far from fuels.
  • When extinguishing the fire, carefully check to make sure it’s actually been put out.
  • For no reason should you make rustic stoves or fires in unauthorized areas.
  • Protected wilderness areas are tobacco-free spaces.
  • If a fire breaks out, follow the park ranger’s instructions.
  • If you are near a forest fire, never act on your own initiative. Move away from the fire and notify the park rangers.
  • Do not burn food waste or leftovers.
  • Always keep water, sand or dirt nearby in case of emergency.
  • The use of candles is totally prohibited.

If during your visit you see a source of forest fire, report it immediately to: 130 CONAF.


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