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An Unforgettable September 18: A National Holiday in Patagonia

Although we generally associate the festivities of September 18 with local fairs (fondas), Chile’s traditional dance (cuecas), and barbecues with family and friends, Chile is home to a varied mosaic of cultures and traditions. You can also participate in these traditions in Patagonia, the country’s southern tip. Below, we present several reasons you should consider celebrating Chile’s National Holidays in the presence of the world’s eighth wonder here in Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

An Unforgettable September 18: A National Holiday in Patagonia

Traditional Lamb Barbecue

If we talk about authenticity and tradition, Estancia Cerro Negro must be a part of the conversation. This ranch offers a genuine Patagonian experience as it was lived more than half a century ago. You can enjoy a warm welcome steeped in traditions, which our guests often find one of their favorite experiences. You can taste Chilean salsa or Pebre, empanadas, and warm yourself with a hot wine beverage called Navegado. All this while enjoying exquisite Patagonian lamb roasted on a stick outside for hours beforehand. Additionally, during your visit to Cerro Negro, you will see sheep shearing and an exhibition of how our sheepdogs work on the farm.

An Unforgettable September 18: A National Holiday in Patagonia

The Huemul and the Condor: A Coat of Arms

Chile’s national coat of arms includes two magnificent animals: the huemul and the condor. Both animals are symbols of Chile’s unique and diverse fauna and inhabit Torres del Paine National Park. You can witness their majesty in total harmony with nature if lucky enough. In addition to the huemul and condor, you will find other notable representatives of the Chilean fauna in this national park, such as the puma, the guanaco, the flamingo, and our Patagonian horses. You can choose the best program to immerse yourself in Torres del Paine’s nature with us.

An Unforgettable September 18: A National Holiday in Patagonia

Chile’s Iconic Landscapes 

Among the numerous emblematic sights of Chile, one of the most recurrent is that of the granite towers that give their name to the national park here. These natural formations stand majestically in their attempt to touch the sky. Surround yourself with your family, partner, or friends, and hike to the base of these natural monuments, an unforgettable experience. Afterward, you can proudly exclaim that you have seen Las Torres with your own eyes. Review our programs and discover how you want to enjoy an experience in Torres del Paine.

An Unforgettable September 18: A National Holiday in Patagonia

A Truly Sustainable Bar

Cocktails play a fundamental role in the celebration of the National Holidays. Here, at Las Torres Patagonia, you can discover the first sustainable bar in Chile. In this avant-garde and exquisite place, flavors from our organic garden intertwine with traditional ingredients from the region. Our selection of cocktails offers you an experience of unique flavors only found in Patagonian, giving you one of the most exclusive experiences in international mixology.

An Unforgettable September 18: A National Holiday in Patagonia

Discover Chile’s Flavors at the Coirón Restaurant

With the help of our chef, Joaquín Pitta, you can explore the gastronomic menu Las Torres Patagonia offers. Our extensive territory’s most emblematic flavors fuse with recipes aligned with forward-thinking and sustainable signature cuisine. In our restaurant, you will have the opportunity to taste exceptional flavors thanks to our regenerative garden. Curious palates will appreciate the menu’s twist on conventional food free of pesticides and chemicals. 

To learn more about what you can experience at Las Torres Patagonia, visit our website, explore all the programs and packages, and choose how you want to live an authentic Patagonian experience.

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