Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously -

Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously

It’s not news that caring for the environment is a world-wide priority. In fact, the impact of each one of our actions is in the eye of the hurricane, and making significant changes in our day-to-day life is key in the fight against climate change. At Las Torres Patagonia, we’re active in taking care of our planet, and with AMA Torres del Paine (an environmental non-profit created by Las Torres) we’ve developed a series of programs to care for our environment because by doing that we are also taking care of each other. 

Unfortunately, with a mission so important as climate change, many times nonprofits can’t take all the responsibility of the work to change alone. It takes the work of volunteers and society as a whole to invest in a better quality of life for ourselves and our communities. At Las Torres Patagonia, you can help with our mission by becoming a volunteer on the ground here too.

Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously
Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously

Environmental nonprofits, like AMA Las Torres del Paine, work tirelessly on diverse initiatives to help mitigate the impact of daily human activities including waste management, renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, and environmental education. Many times, these same organizations play a fundamental role in defending the rights of local communities that depend on natural resources and are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

How does taking care of the environment benefit us? First, it helps maintain an ecological balance necessary for our own survival and the survival of the other species on our planet. Healthy ecosystems provide food, drinking water, clean air, and medicines that are vital to our health and well-being. Also, protecting the environment has a positive impact on our economy. Sustainable practices can lower production costs, increase energy efficiency, and create green jobs that foster economic growth and innovation.

Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously
Ama Torres del Paine

How can you help environmental nonprofits accomplish their missions of combating climate change? Start by learning about sustainable practices that can be implemented into your daily lives, such as recycling, using public transport or bicycles, reducing energy consumption, among others. You can also support the initiatives of environmental focused organizations through donations or volunteering in reforestation activities, beach cleaning, and more.

Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously
Environmental Non-Profits: A Circle of Helping Virtuously

AMA Torres del Paine has developed a series of volunteer programs in Patagonia that you can join. If you are interested in learning and volunteering to care for the environment, at Las Torres Patagonia you can volunteer to help maintain trails, care for our organic garden, and other types of sustainable activities. 

For more information about our volunteer activities, you can click here.

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