International Day of National Parks: A Commitment to the Next Generation -

International Day of National Parks: A Commitment to the Next Generation

On the International Day of National Parks, we’re looking at the road we’ve traveled to build a landmark of conservation and sustainability in Las Torres Patagonia. Our work is committed to maintaining and caring for the beautiful landscapes of our natural and cultural reserve within Torres del Paine National Park. Through this work, we have joined other great examples, dedicating ourselves to upholding the global conservation community.

Heritage Conservation

Las Torres Patagonia has a privileged location in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park. This location brings ample benefits but entails a commitment and conscious responsibility with the territory. Our reserve is a living testimony of the human being’s ability to transform and preserve natural beauty through decades of hard work, transforming this corner of southern Chile from a ranch to a protected and cared-for land.

International Day of National Parks: A Commitment to the Next Generation

The Kusanovic Family’s Commitment to Land Conservation

Las Torres had its second beginning in the early 1970s,  when the founding family, the Kusanovics, noticed that travelers worldwide were streaming into the region to see the famous granite towers. Due to this influx of visitors, the family decided to leave ranching and concentrate on tourism – opening accommodations with excursions and a restaurant. Today, the family continues their work in hospitality with one significant change – sustainability.

A Space to Conserve Biodiversity

Torres del Paine National Park is home to multiple species, and scientists and tourists alike have marveled at the different flora and fauna that make the park an enchanting wonder. Our plan to sustainably manage the territory follows the guidelines of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines and focuses on category V landscapes and seascapes.

International Day of National Parks: A Commitment to the Next Generation

Contributing to Global Conservation

Our volunteer programs also welcome many people who want to help the national park. Part of the work is to ensure these volunteers from all over the world extend the noble task of caring for nature. Our goal is that they return home and spread the concept and necessity of sustainability into their neighborhoods.

The Local Community

The community plays a central role in Las Torres Patagonia. The creation of the NGO AMA Torres del Paine in 2004 has highlighted the importance of involving locals in protecting their environment. Here, conservation is a collective effort, and everyone is welcome to contribute to the efforts made by the NGO to care for the environment.

International Day of National Parks: A Commitment to the Next Generation

Celebrating the International Day of National Parks

On this International Day of National Parks, we highlighted our reserve and those who strive to conserve the planet’s natural treasures. Conservation is not an impossible task, and when the work is shared, it unites communities and families in preserving our earth.

When you walk through Torres del Paine or any other national park, celebrate conservation by remembering the small and large efforts to have the park as you see it. The actions that each of us makes can, in every corner of our world, ensure a large and positive impact. Together, we know that future generations will enjoy the incomparable magnificence of nature. Happy International Day of National Parks!

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