The Perfect Name: How Amor honored her name and left her mark - Reserva Las Torres

The Perfect Name: How Amor honored her name and left her mark

On this special day, we fondly remember Mrs. Amor Eliana, whose unconditional love and positive attitude were the driving force behind the tourism and family project we now know as Las Torres. The values Amor instilled in life are reflected in a family business that bears her imprint.

The story of Amor Eliana Marusic, who founded Las Torres Patagonia alongside her husband Antonio Kusanovic, is an example of perseverance and love in action. From the beginning of their marriage, Amor supported her husband Antonio in every one of his ventures and journeys, coordinating and organizing everything to help him succeed. Together, they forged a success that would not have been possible without Amor’s support and guidance. Known for her positive attitude, she encouraged her husband not to step back.

Antonio and Eliana along with their children Jose Antonio, Vesna, Liliana, and Mauricio.
Antonio and Eliana along with their children Jose Antonio, Vesna, Liliana, and Mauricio.

As a result, in the 1990s, Amor and Antonio decided to embark on a new project that, at the time, seemed like madness: offering bed and homemade food to travelers visiting Torres del Paine. With renovations and the construction of rooms and a restaurant, Hotel Las Torres was born, which has since become a welcoming and family-oriented place that bears the mark of the Kusanovic-Marusic family’s unity and hard work.

But Amor’s legacy extended beyond her husband’s businesses. Her children learned from her the importance of working together without gender roles. Liliana, one of her daughters, remembers with admiration how her mother taught them to paint the house, upholster furniture, and ride horses. For Amor, there were no tasks exclusively for men or women, and that is something her children and the family carry with them to this day.

Amor Eliana and her children at Salto Grande
Amor Eliana and her children at Salto Grande

That was the example received by her children Liliana, José Antonio, Mauricio, and Vesna. They all had to do everything, as Liliana, her eldest daughter, recalls: “it never occurred to us to think that there was a unique role for a woman or a man, and that led us to be surprised many times when we lived in a society with very defined roles. The woman at home and the man at work.”

Amor in Adversity

Amor’s determined character has its roots in a difficult life from a very young age. As the daughter of Croatian descendants, Amor lost her mother at the age of 14 and had to assume her role alongside her older sister, Nely. Together, they raised their younger sister, Beninga Maria Luisa, in challenging circumstances that shaped them into strong and empowered women.

It was not easy for her to raise four children in a ranching world, but she did it with rigor, discipline, and above all, a lot of love. Despite the obstacles, Amor managed to move forward, and her experiences made her a resilient person, capable of facing any adversity with determination and love, as her name suggests.

Eliana and her sons José and Antonio.
Eliana and her sons José and Mauricio.

In addition to being a dedicated wife and mother, Amor also played a fundamental role as a loving grandmother, or “nona” as her grandchildren called her. She played an important role in bringing her family together. Her grandson Mauricio fondly remembers the last years she lived in Cerro Negro, where the “nona” was a mandatory stop between Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas to enjoy her delicious cookies, where she “treated them like kings.”

The story of Amor Eliana Marusic is a reminder that love, perseverance, and equality are values that can lead to great achievements and changes in people’s lives. She left a legacy of unity and teamwork that continues to inspire many people today at Las Torres Patagonia, and as Liliana remembers: “it is up to you to solve things and do them all”.

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