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Where to stay in Torres del Paine?

You may have seen numerous photographs on social media highlighting the wonders Torres del Paine National Park offers. You may also be a fan of nature or outdoor experiences like trekking, or your friends have told you about the unique experience of being in one of South America’s most iconic national parks. We offer many accommodation options for whatever motivates you to consider Torres del Paine as your next vacation destination. With Las Torres, you can enjoy Patagonia at your own pace and style with friendly alternatives for all budgets.

Las Torres Patagonia has the best location in the national park. You will find us in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. When hiking here, you will stop by our Welcome Center, the starting point for all the trails that extend through the park no matter where you stay. At Las Torres, we have many options, whether you want to be directly in contact with nature with our camping options or have all the comforts we can offer you at our hotel, Las Torres Patagonia.

Where to stay in Torres del Paine?
Las Torres Patagonia – Hotel

If you want to live the experience of a hotel stay, Hotel Las Torres is the place. You can stay in one of our 74 rooms, whose views can include the majesty of Almirante Nieto or the natural beauty of our front garden area, where you can see our horses galloping during the morning and afternoon.

You can also join one of our many culinary experiences, whether enjoying the delicacies of the Coirón Restaurant or trying the flavors of the sustainable cocktails of Pionero Bar. Tour the regenerative and biointensive garden, the southernmost in the world.

You may also be interested in enjoying one of the main attractions of our gastronomy: lamb on a stick, one of the best nights we can offer our guests. Our hotel room’s design is Patagonian with the rustic style of an estancia or ranch. Imagine the hotel as your base camp; you will spend the nights here while your days are full of adventure in The Park.

Where to stay in Torres del Paine?

Mountain Cabins

If you want to be in the middle of nature and stay in the private sector with your travel companions, the cabins in Los Cuernos are your option.

Spending your holidays in a cabin is unique. Still, when it comes to a cabin at the foot of Los Cuernos, its imposing and pointed peaks, and on the side of Lake Nordenskjöld, we are talking about an unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in mountain life with your companions, surrounded by all the sounds of nature, and get ready to continue exploring the park the next day. Our cabins are the perfect place to recover physical and mental energy. The warmth of a wood stove and the comfort of our cabins give a special touch to your moment, making your experience a luxury that is undoubtedly worth it.

Where to stay in Torres del Paine?

Mountain Hostels 

The backpacking experience is one of the most entertaining adventures for those who like to travel light and expect the journey to be the destination. When you stay at one of our mountain hostels, you can share with hikers from all over the world in a pleasant environment where you can make great friends. Here, you will share a room with other travelers, learn their stories, enjoy meals together, or enjoy spectacular views.

Our hostels also have places to enjoy exquisite cocktails. One of our favorites is the “El Puma,” which you can find in the Central Hostel. We also have common spaces with various board games. Here, you can recover from an intense day in the mountains with new friends, a spectacular view, a good drink, and a relaxing game of Jenga, chess, or Uno.

Our mountain hostels are equipped with showers and offer breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. You’ll always find everything you need after spending a day exploring the park.

Where to stay in Torres del Paine?

Camping in Torres del Paine National Park 

Now, if you want to live the outdoor experience, feel nature vibrating around you, and when you open your eyes and see majestic natural views, camping is for you.

Las Torres camping offers you a choice between different options, depending on how light you travel.

You can opt for Premium Full Equipment Camping, and we will provide you with one of our Tribe Tents, located on metal platforms, that will protect you from direct contact with the ground. We will also provide you with a sleeping bag, high-density foam mat, pillow, and a welcome drink voucher (1 per sector).

Another option is our Simple Premium Camping, which includes only the tent and the high-density foam mat. There is also the option of renting just a campsite. This option offers a place to set up your tent and use your camping equipment.

Whichever option you choose, here at Las Torres Patagonia, you will find everything to make this an unforgettable adventure. Remember to review your times carefully and the places you want to visit; only then will you be able to find the best options to experience Patagonia in all its splendor.

Start planning your next vacation now! If you have more questions or require more details about our offers, you can review the following link: https://lastorres.com/donde-alojar/alojamiento-en-torres-del-paine/

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