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AMA park ranger led evacuation of injured tourist

In coordination with members of CONAF and Carabineros de Chile, park ranger Natali Espinoza of the NGO AMA Torres del Paine led the evacuation of an injured tourist on the way to Base Torres.

Initial report from CONAF park rangers alerted about a Chilean tourist who had injured her ankle while hiking on the trail to Base Torres, making it impossible for her to move on her own.

Upon receiving the call for help from CONAF, park ranger Natali Espinoza from the NGO AMA Torres del Paine activated the evacuation protocol and went to the location to provide first aid attention to the injured person, immobilizing the affected area.

Based on her professional judgment, the park ranger dismisses an immediate evacuation to Refugio Central. Instead, she manages and leads the transfer on a stretcher to the facilities of Refugio Chileno, where the tourist receives food and spends the night.

Transfer of injured tourist

It should be noted that during the transfer to Refugio Chileno, the tourist shows symptoms of hypoglycemia crisis; a situation that is timely identified and definitively controlled by the park ranger of AMA and her colleagues from CONAF.

Evacuation of injured tourist

The following day, coordination was made with the Carabineros de Chile for her evacuation from Refugio Chileno to the Puente Blanco area, where an ambulance was promptly waiting to transfer her to the hospital in Puerto Natales.

Evacuation of injured tourist

In this way, from Reserva Las Torres, we continue to highlight the commendable work carried out by the park rangers of Torres del Paine National Park, especially the AMA park ranger team. We also make a special appeal to tourists to carry out their trekking activities with the utmost care and necessary safety measures to avoid accidents.

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