Winter Getaway: Experience Refugio Norte in Torres del Paine -

Winter Getaway: Experience Refugio Norte in Torres del Paine

The accommodation-capable shelter will keep its doors open to receive tourists between May 1st and August 31st for the winter season of 2023.

Reserva Las Torres, always committed to the comfort of its visitors, is currently offering Refugio Norte as a lodging and accommodation option for tourists exploring Torres del Paine during the winter season.

Located at the entrance of Reserva Las Torres and alongside Nordenskjöld Lake, Refugio Norte is right in the starting point of the iconic W circuit. The perfect option for those who wish to engage in various activities and excursions available during winter. All of which are authorized by the National Forest Corporation (CONAF). This place will be open to visitors from May 1st to August 31st of this year.

Additionally, taking into account potential weather challenges during the journey and stay, visitors are advised to carefully consider the following restrictions while planning their trip.

To access the park, the Serrano Gate will remain in operation. Visitors’ entry control will take place there, as well as guidance and information delivery for those in need. The Sarmiento Lake Gate will not have entry control due to the closure of the Y-150 road until March 2025. To facilitate orderly arrival and smooth entry, visitors are advised to purchase their tickets preferably at Physical tickets can also be purchased at the entrance, but only through payment cards.

When it comes to excursions, it is of utmost importance to honor the designated entry and exit times while also considering the natural rhythm of daylight and the ever-changing weather. Given the prevalent low temperatures during this season, it is highly recommended to equip oneself with appropriate attire suitable for such invigorating adventures.

Additionally, the winter circuit is not allowed without the company of a guide with an approved Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course, certified by the Ilustre Municipalidad de Torres del Paine and with the corresponding CONAF identification.

When undertaking the W and O Circuits, a reservation in the accommodation services provided along the mountain trails will be required.  Access will not be granted to visitors without a confirmed reservation.

In terms of food options, it is important to note that Refugio Norte will not provide food services during the winter season, including the sale of snacks.  Therefore, the recommendation is to bring your own provisions and/or use gas stoves in designated areas.

Lastly, it is important to note that, to safeguard the local wildlife and flora, the entry of pets is strictly prohibited. However, exceptions are made for registered companion animals with proper permission from CONAF in Puerto Natales. In previous seasons, we have   welcomed individuals accompanied by guide dogs or animals providing essential emotional support.

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