4 desserts that will take you back to a sweet past in our Coiron Restaurant -

4 desserts that will take you back to a sweet past in our Coiron Restaurant

We’re reminding you of emotions past, where you have been and were happy,” said Christopher Mardones, pastry master at the Coirón Restaurant. This statement defines the new dessert menu offered this season.

If flavors move you, this gastronomic destination, visited by travelers worldwide, will thrill you. Here, you can find a wide assortment of desserts with sensations and colors that are nostalgic of a Patagonian childhood. These flavors on this new menu transport us back to desserts that our grandparents and parents prepared with so much love and that we craved.


Christopher Mardones, our pastry chef, has extensive experience in the world of desserts, says that the main idea for the new menu was to offer flavors of the Magellanic, Gaucha, and Southern cultures in a single experience.

Mardones explains that Chilean culture is diverse in its vast geography, and that the chefs working here are faithful representatives of the different areas of the Chilean territory. Having a diverse team from many regions of Chile enriches the new menu’s theme.


Now, let’s go to the table. The basis of the restaurant’s preparations is to respect tradition, using pure ingredients and avoiding preservatives and other artificial additions. With confidence in our local supplies, we can ensure the delivery of the best goods in the region.

Enjoy a Sweet Trip to Patagonia's Past with the Desert Menu at Coirón


One of the menu’s emblematic desserts of this season is “La Oveja,” a sheep’s cheese ice cream mousse with caramelized apples and fermented honey. Mardones says that this dessert is a novelty on the menu. It has been prepared and improved in different versions and has finally arrived at Coirón perfectly in presentation, flavor, and experience.

Enjoy a Sweet Trip to Patagonia's Past with the Desert Menu at Coirón


Next on the menu is another special dessert, the “Rhubarb Tart.” This pastry has a unique feature that nods to the hotel’s sustainability tradition as it’s made with rhubarb extracted from its regenerative garden. The ingredients are located steps from the restaurant, so close; when you enter Coirón, you will see a small garden where some rhubarb grows, some of which have been present for more than two decades.

The tart is paired with thyme ice cream – herbs fresh from the garden. Which also connects our service to a cycle of nutrient-rich foods and unique flavors.

Enjoy a Sweet Trip to Patagonia's Past with the Desert Menu at Coirón


And when it comes to traditions, we cannot fail to mention the “Krustel,” served with lemon ice cream. So that you can imagine it, we are talking about a sweet, crispy fried dough, forming arcs in a precise way to nest inside this delicious frozen mixture at its base. This dessert has a significant meaning for the family that built the Hotel Las Torres Patagonia. They brought this recipe from Croatia, so we continue to make it.

Enjoy a Sweet Trip to Patagonia's Past with the Desert Menu at Coirón


Finally, another dessert worth mentioning is picarones, a traditional dessert in various places throughout Chile. It is a dough flavored with lemon, orange, and pumpkin. It is usually eaten hot with a chancaca sauce, similar to molten brown sugar. Here, it’s enjoyed with chancaca ice cream and a quinoa brittle.

“Throughout Chile, people prepare this dessert differently, so finding the identity we wanted to give it was challenging. But, we try to prepare it without losing its classic properties and virtues,” Mardones said.

If you return to the hotel after a long day on the trails, do not hesitate to ask for our dessert menu and sweeten your day with the nostalgic and delicious flavors of the Coirón Restaurant. We will wait for you!

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