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Hotel Las Torres: 30 Years of Hospitality in Torres del Paine

Marking three decades of service, Hotel Las Torres has become a great host in Torres del Paine National Park. The hotel’s beginnings are rooted in family history, and from that legacy of work and perseverance, it is now a benchmark for sustainable tourism. 

Today, Hotel Las Torres is celebrating its first steps into the world of hospitality 30 years ago, when it began receiving visitors from all over the world. These tourists had traveled to see Torres del Paine in Patagonia. The hotel project, which is a success today, began as a dream by a family that opted for effort and innovation. 

Hotel Las Torres: 30 Years of Hospitality in Torres del Paine
Kusanovic Family

In 1905, Don Antonio Kusanovic Jercic arrived from Croatia to these Magellanic lands, where he decided to put down roots and dedicate his life’s work to cattle raising. Later, his son Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, who had inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of his father, bought Cerro Paine Ranch, never imagining it would become one of the most important tourist destinations and conservation projects in Patagonia.   

In the mid-1980s, a movement of mountain climbers and Patagonian expeditions raised awareness of Las Torres and promoted its natural beauty to the world. This far away land went from being an untamed destination to magnet for tourism. Due to this new activity, Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic and his wife decided to open an inn here. 

A Dream Materialized in 30 Years

On December 12, 1992, Hotel Las Torres was officially inaugurated, with ten rooms and a kitchen. Little by little, the four children of the family joined the business. Three years after the opening, the hotel had an additional nine rooms, and, over time, campsites and mountain refuges were also added. 

In addition to hospitality, the family cared deeply for the environment. In 2004, the non-profit AMA Torres del Paine was founded to continue in an effort to focus more on environmental sustainability. The foundation is dedicated to conservation, research and environmental education in Patagonia.

Hotel Las Torres: 30 Years of Hospitality in Torres del Paine
Ms. Liliana Kusanovic

After that in 2013, the decision was made to remove all cattle from the ranch, and to focus exclusively on sustainable tourism. This is when the ranch became Las Torres Reserve, with its welcome center at the entrance gate. 

Hotel Las Torres Today

The company has a clear objective of being a world benchmark for sustainable tourism. Currently, work related to the protection of the environment continues, such as: reforestation, construction of sustainable hiking trails, reduction of garbage, and the prevention of forest fires. The hotel has also implemented a holistic grazing system for its 200 horses. 

Hotel Las Torres: 30 Years of Hospitality in Torres del Paine
Hotel Las Torres Patagonia

As for hospitality, where the company still has its roots, the hotel now has 74 rooms, a restaurant, bar, wellness center, common areas, a stable, and an organic garden. The hotel’s offerings are endless from trekking, horseback riding, connecting with nature and the possibility of making new friends. 

Three decades later, the legacy of a family of pioneers turned ranchers is still alive. The same family who came to love and care for this Patagonian land are still here today, working hard and building on a dream that started so many years ago. 

Come visit us at Hotel Las Torres, discover our All Inclusive Programs and live a unique experience within the Torres del Paine National Park. Follow us on our social networks! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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