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Local flavors in our Central Bar’s cocktails

The Central Sector is one of the most popular destinations in Las Torres Patagonia, known for its unique atmosphere in which travelers can enjoy the hostel experience and connect with other like-minded guests. Here you can sit and share a table with people you are just getting to know and exchange anecdotes and tips. But what really makes this place special are the afternoons and evenings infused with unique local flavors, thanks to the range of cocktails available at our Central Bar. We invite you to come and give it a try.

The team behind the Central Bar describe their approach to mixology using local flavors as “an endemic menu.” The cocktail menu includes flavors that are provided by local fruits and herbs such as notro and ciruelillo (Chilean firebush), evergreen chaura, and calafate (Magellan barberry), bringing Patagonian flavors to the table in food and drinks that can be tasted only in this part of the world.

Local flavors in our Central Bar’s cocktails

One of our bartenders at Central Bar, Matías Vásquez, says that the concept behind the menu focuses on “Something for everyone, so that everyone leaves happy.” Matías is also the winner of last year’s Calafate Fest, an annual event where cocktail and gastronomy professionals compete, which takes place at Hacienda Mercedes. 

Matías won first place in the competition for cocktails incorporating the calafate berry with his own recipe. His winning cocktail featured notro gin mixed with calafate, with a touch of lemon for balance, and mixed with peppermint syrup, ginger, and peppermint essential oil.

Local flavors in our Central Bar’s cocktails

Coming back to the array of drinks offered at Central Bar, you can find all the classic drinks as well: piscos sours, margaritas, beer, and negronis, and all of our visitor’s favorites. 

As for signature drinks, we offer 6 unique signature preparations on the menu, two of which are customer favorites and most popular cocktails among diners, as featured below. Take note!

Local flavors in our Central Bar’s cocktails

Otoño en Paine, orAutumn in Paine’

This cocktail is made with gin and calafate, adding Ramazotti, a little cherry liqueur, Rosso vermouth, calafate syrup, and  Rosard bitters.

To prepare, add all the ingredients to a mixing glass and shake for 20 seconds to cool them. Then, pour the mix into a rocks glass with ice. Finally, garnish with a cherry and a calafate. Enjoy your drink!

Local flavors in our Central Bar’s cocktails

Refugio, or ‘Shelter’

This cocktail is prepared with gin macerated in notro, or Chilean firebush, to which Last Hope Dry gin is added with herbal mate liqueur, a little lemon juice, hierba buena-ginger syrup, calafate and hierba buena essential oil.

To prepare the cocktail, first crush the calafate berries in a shaker. Then, add all the ingredients except the hieba buena essential oil. Shake the mixture for approximately 15–20 seconds. Then, double strain into a martini or coupe glass to remove solids and obtain a smooth texture. Finally, drops of oil are added on top of the cocktail, creating the effect of peaks covering the drink—unique presentation and taste!

If you’d like to live the hostel experience and enjoy evenings with local and endemic flavors of the cocktails at the Central Bar, the Refugio Central will be there waiting for you with an unforgettable adventure. Plan your next trip ahead of time and book your next adventure now! https://lastorres.com/donde-alojar/refugios/

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