Hotel Las Torres celebrates 30 years - Reserva Las Torres

Hotel Las Torres celebrates 30 years

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Hotel Las Torres celebrates three decades of tireless work, innovative proposals for travelers, an environmentally sustainable approach, and an endless love for the culture and nature of Patagonia.

It is not every day that you celebrate 30 years since Hotel Las Torres opened its doors to visitors from all over the world. Today, the legacy of a family of pioneers who settled here to sow love and care for this Patagonian land is very much alive.

A story of sacrifice and vision

When arriving in Magallanes in 1905 after crossing the Atlantic from Croatia, at just 15 years of age and a shovel in his hand, Antonio Kusanovic Jercic decided to settle down, raise cattle, and instill an entrepreneurial spirit in his children.

In 1979, his son Antonio bought Estancia Cerro Paine to increase livestock capacity, not knowing that it would become one of the main tourist and conservation spots in Patagonia. For many years it was an isolated area. But, between 1985 and 1987, climbers and expeditions started showing up to climb Las Torres and spread the word about its natural beauty.

It went from being an untamed destination to a tourist attraction that would benefit an entire region. One of the first milestones was the installation of a campsite, the genesis of what today is a globally renowned tourist project.

An idea and a dream 30 years in the making

Hotel Las Torres was built by a family’s work, perseverance, and courage to pursue a dream, and also with great love for nature and the Magallanes region. On December 12, 1992, Hotel Las Torres officially opened, with 10 rooms and a kitchen, after overcoming great challenges but pursuing a clear idea.

Little by little, all of Antonio’s children joined in on the project, starting with his daughters Liliana and Vesna, whom he invited to work with him for several seasons. Then came José Antonio’s turn, who fondly remembers those days: “In 1995, three years after opening, we already had 19 rooms. I was in charge of the hotel’s construction, and back then we had to do everything: I was a bellboy, driver, receptionist, and housekeeper. I just stayed out of the kitchen.”

With a clear goal in mind, there were other expansion projects, and in 1997, they decided to build campsites and mountain hostels. Also, in commitment to the environment, in 2004 the family created the environmental NGO AMA Torres del Paine, which is in charge of the management plan.

In 2013, the decision was made to remove the cattle from the estancia (ranch) to focus exclusively on sustainable tourism and conservation. And that’s how the project became Reserva las Torres: a natural and cultural reserve that complements Torres del Paine National Park.

Another major decision was the construction of the Welcome Center, inaugurated in 2017 at the entry of Reserva Las Torres. There are also park rangers who work together with the rangers from the Chilean forestry authority (CONAF). That is the case for the closure of the trail to Las Torres Base.

Although there is still much to be done, in recent years there has been progress in sustainability projects such as reforestation, sustainable trails, support of scientific research, signs, environmental education, waste reduction, recycling, the creation of the Torres del Paine structural fire brigade, and the implementation of a holistic and regenerative grazing system for the reserve’s 200 horses, among other actions.

Hotel Las Torres today

Today, Las Torres has a clear vision: to become a global model of sustainable tourism and conservation. “Hotel las Torres started out as Nono’s crazy idea, an insanity that has involved a good part of the two following generations. In spite of the sacrifices, crises, successes, and frustrations of companies that start out as small businesses, we have managed to grow while keeping our values. Today, the hotel has 74 rooms, a restaurant, bar, wellness center, common areas, stable, and organic garden. Our passion for sharing this place and our family legacy is the foundation of our mission as a nature reserve: to inspire people with the nature and culture of Patagonia,” says Josian Yaksic Kusanovic, General Manager of Reserva Las Torres.

“We can proudly say that we feel part of the growth Torres del Paine has seen, investing in tourism infrastructure for over 25 years. We know that there always will be challenges, and that is why we try to be part of the solution, collaborating with public and private stakeholders to keep growing sustainably,” adds Mauricio Kusanovic, grandson of the founder and Executive Director of Reserva Las Torres.

The celebration of these 30 years of work is an occasion to thank our staff members, customers, tour operators, representatives, friends and all those who have trusted us since the very beginning. Today we celebrate with our eyes looking towards the future and our vision: to become a global model of sustainable tourism and conservation, inspiring people with the nature and culture of Patagonia.


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