Five Recommendations for Your Next Epic Adventure in Torres del Paine - Reserva Las Torres

Five Recommendations for Your Next Epic Adventure in Torres del Paine

The adventure in Torres del Paine is about to begin.

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 It is early in the morning. Fresh air washes over your face. An orange mountain glow introduces a majestic horizon dotted with forests, lakes and snow-capped peaks. The environment is calm, but inside, you feel butterflies. You tie your shoes, feeling like a child again. Your adventure in Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile is beginning.

 Have you ever felt this way? If you are an adventure lover or fan of collecting memorable experiences, then probably yes. Every trip is another opportunity to open your mind and spirit. Afterwards, a new environment’s beauty, waterfalls, mountains and trails dwell within you forever. If one of your end-of-year promises was to visit Torres del Paine National Park, do not hesitate fulfilling that goal now.

How to Get to Torres del Paine National Park?

 Located in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region, Torres del Paine National Park can be accessed by sea, road or plane, the most popular option. Start by planning your route to the park’s gateway cities. Fly to Punta Arenas, Chile or Calafate, Argentina, take a bus, rent a car or fly to Puerto Natales, then travel by bus or rental car to Torres del Paine National Park. Additionally, you can reserve private transportation with Las Torres.

With that, you are ready! Once in Austral territory, let your adventurous spirit free and enjoy every minute of a pristine, wild environment. We invite you to create the best kind of memories — on an adventure with an open mind and zero expectations beyond recharging energy.

1 – Trekking Circuits: Inspiring Challenges

Many national and foreign hikers’ aspiration is testing their own limits and capabilities. What better setting to challenge oneself than Torres del Paine National Park. Its spectacular circuits, offering epic, multi-day journeys through a world biosphere reserve, have been tested and approved by professional athletes and nature lovers from around the world.

Specifically, the “W” circuit, which lasts from four to six days, and the “O” circuit, lasting around eight days, are designed to challenge various trekking levels. You do not have to be an expert, but it does not hurt do some physical conditioning beforehand. Your body will thank you.

Lastly, we recommend hiking with as little weight as possible and staying in the refuges. Afterwards, you will feel unforgettably satisfied, understanding why Torres del Paine is the eighth wonder of the world.

2 – Base Torres Viewpoint, Without Filters 

If you have read this far, you probably consider hiking to be refreshing and pleasurable — even more so surrounded by Patagonian nature! What if we told you that a majestic surprise awaits you at a trail’s end?

Start the Base Torres Hike at Las Torres Reserve in the park’s center, where you can access shelters, campsites and, of course, Hotel Las Torres Patagonia.

After an epic eight hours crossing Asencio Valley, Paso de los Vientos’s incredible panoramic views, native lenga forests, resting for a bit in Chilean Refuge, re-filling your bottle with pure, glacier water and, finally, giving everything you have got on one last uphill, arrive to your desired destination — three granite towers in all of their majesty. There is no lens or filter that can reflect this experience in all of its dimensions.

3 – An Encounter with the King of Patagonia

As expected in a protected environment, Torres del Paine is a paradise for Patagonian fauna that no wildlife documentary can match. See for yourself during the most adrenaline inducing excursion offered within the national park’s 225,000 hectares — a puma safari.

This incredible destination has one of the largest concentrations of pumas in South America. Seeing this unique mammal is not only within the realm of possibility, but may go beyond, reaching a point of disbelief if you happen to see a stalked and hunted prey. Eternal cycles of nature, in this case, a mama walking with her cubs or a guanaco falling into the jaws of a hungry puma, might happen in front of your eyes!

4 – Nature at its Finest

The historic Patagonian Ice Field, which once covered southern Chile, has formed for millions of years, opening up valleys, glacier-fed lakes and ice-capped mountains. Today, green forests replace ice, making for a stunning backdrop.

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field is a feast for wildlife photographers, artists and writers. In spring, summer or autumn, twenty-five different species of mammals, such as foxes, skunks and armadillos, walk this world famous stage. Witness guanacos in Lake Sarmiento and Laguna Azul and kingfishers and condors soaring through the sky. If you are lucky, spot an elusive huemul, the national flag’s emblem. Always keep a safe distance between yourself and wildlife.

Contemplating Breath and Emotions On Horseback

If you ask a baqueano how to best enjoy the outdoors, he will, without a doubt, say riding a horse! Horseback riding is a great alternative for those who want to get to know other park routes with less tourists and more postcard material.

Combine walking with horseback riding on a paleontological excursion for adults and children. Journey through Cerro Paine, Nordenskjold Lake, Ascencio Canyon and native forests to a summit with an exceptional 360º view, learning from Las Torres guides about life’s origin along the way. Los Lagos trail is an excellent option for lots of flora and fauna sightseeing.

We could write about how epic Torres del Paine is forever; however, at this point, you have probably already decided whether to experience this whirlwind of sensations, far exceeding any photograph. We are waiting for you!

Adventurer Tips

  • Bring light, waterproof clothing
  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes
  • Use trekking poles
  • Wear sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Carry a re-usable water bottle
  • Do not litter
  • Bring a camera with charged batteries and SD card with space to capture unforgettable moments!

Experience epic adventures in Las Torres Patagonia.

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