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Premium Camping: Comfort Under the Stars

Can you imagine camping and the window you look out is the blanket of stars covering Patagonia? Feel the wilds of nature, full of movement – as the earth here seems to tremble with the dance of the Patagonian fauna. Learn more about an experience that provides an intimate connection with Patagonia, where the whisper of the wind through the trees and the nocturnal sounds of the animals forms a majestic orchestra that will envelop you in peace.

At our premium campsites, your comfort is our priority. We have designed our tents to offer you a cozy refuge protected from the climate, allowing you to enjoy nature in all its splendor without sacrificing comfort.

Premium Camping: Comfort Under the Stars and With Space
Premium Camping: Comfort Under the Stars and With Space
Tents with More Space

Our premium campsites represent the best option for camping in Torres del Paine, allowing you to maintain direct contact with nature and thoroughly enjoy an outdoor experience. We have designed our tents with a height of 1.6 meters, which means that you will not have any contact with the ground while resting each night. This benefit has multiple advantages, such as protecting you from the cold Patagonian weather and guaranteeing a restful night without discomfort. Here, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings, knowing that you have the comfort and protection necessary to live an unforgettable experience.

Designed for Comfort

Our tents are designed to house two people and offer all the facilities for maximum comfort. For example, we have incorporated small pockets in the tent’s entry, allowing you to store your sneakers or trekking shoes and prevent mud or water from dirtying your belongings. In addition, these practical pockets are ideal for keeping utensils such as flashlights, documents, or your cell phone close at hand, facilitating access to them when you need them.

Premium Camping: Comfort Under the Stars and With Space
Premium Camping: Designed for Comfort
Operations for Patagonia Conditions

The fabric of our tents is crafted for the climate in Torres del Paine since the National Park is notorious for its changeable weather. Here, the four seasons can show up in a single day with great intensity: a clear and hot sky, heavy rains, or a blustery cold. Therefore, the tent’s fabrics help control humidity and temperature, improving the thermal sensation. In addition, the color of the tent is not invasive and blends into park’s landscape.

Five Camping Options Inside the Park

The path through the park is sometimes long; depending on your itinerary, having one or several options is good as you move forward on your hike. If you’re trekking in Las Torres del Paine; you can find five possibilities to enjoy our exclusive camping services.

  • Camping Central is perfect for hanging out with friends and enjoying a delicious meal.
  • Chilean Camping is perfect for those who want to wake up before sunrise, walk in the dark, and arrive in time to see the iconic red dawn over Torres del Paine.
  • Camping Cuernos, if the peaks of Los Cuernos take your breath away, you can come to rest and spend the night here, with a beautiful view of Lake Nordenskjöld and a waterfall.
  • Camping Francés, you can enjoy a 360º view and marvel at Lake Nordenskjöld, Cerro Paine Grande, Cerro Ferrier, Monte Tenerife, and the Chacabuco and Balmaceda mountain ranges.
  • Camping Serón is at the beginning of Circuit O, the longest hike in the park, allowing you to enjoy all its beautiful views. Located four hours from the Central Sector, you can enjoy the most traditional landscapes of Patagoiona.

Come and join this great adventure in Patagonia, where every night will be a magical and unforgettable experience. Let nature surround you with its splendor, sleep comfortably under the stars, and roam to the rhythm of the Patagonian fauna. Find your next adventure.

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