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Top 10 Things to Do in Torres del Paine

Get ready to enter a world of untamed nature, exciting adventures and unique landscapes in Torres del Paine! We invite you to discover the top 10 must-sees of this place, and come and live a magical experience.

If you’re a nature lover, Torres del Paine is the destination for you. Here you can enjoy everything from stunning landscapes surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes, and wildlife, to an authentic gastronomic and cocktail offering that will surely surprise you.

In the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, the 8th wonder of the world, lies Las Torres Patagonia; the best place to embark on an adventure towards the emblematic granite towers. From here, visitors will be able to see Patagonian culture up close, test their physical conditioning on wonderful walks, breathe fresh air, and learn a little more about this unique ecosystem and its conservation efforts.

If you come to Torres del Paine and are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, you cannot miss coming to Las Torres Patagonia! Here we present a selection of activities and experiences that you will only find with us. Join us and discover everything Las Torres has to offer!

  1. Discover the secrets of Patagonian cuisine at Coirón restaurant

Coirón restaurant is the ideal place for those looking for an exceptional gastronomic experience. With its authentic Patagonian food and breathtaking views of the mountains, you can taste the flavors and textures of the region, all prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Would you like to try a deliciously cooked lamb “al palo”, a rabbit carpaccio, a fresh salad from the organic garden, or southern hake in caper sauce? These are just a sample of what you’ll find.Those are just a sample of what you’ll find.

Coiron Restaurant
Coiron Restaurant
  1. Sustainable cocktails, a dazzling offering

Here you can taste unexpected and environmentally-friendly flavors. Cocktails are made with fresh and organic products thanks to the Pionero bar and its innovative offerings of sustainable cocktails. In this place, 100% of the resources are reused and, no less important, single-use plastics have been eradicated. You can’t miss this stimulating world of flavors. Why don’t you come try our latest creation at the Pionero bar: The Gin Tierra Paine, for starters?

Sustainable Cocktail Bar Pioneer Bar Hotel Las Torres
Sustainable Cocktail Bar Pioneer Bar Hotel Las Torres
  1. Renew your energy in our wellness center

After a long hike or journey of several hours, we know that your body and mind need a well-deserved rest. We invite you to visit our Spa and Wellness Center, where you can access specialized treatments to improve circulation, hydrate the skin and relax your muscles.  We have specialists in massage, hydromassage, mud therapy, and reflexology, as well as a sauna, jacuzzi, and organic herbal bath. We guarantee a complete renewal!

Wellness center
  1. Value the freshness of the products from our organic garden

 Discover our organic agriculture and its contribution to the Patagonian ecosystem while you connect with nature in the organic garden of Hotel Las Torres. In this space, you can admire more than 30 varieties of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and nourish your ecological spirit surrounded by exquisite plants. If you want to visit the largest and southernmost organic garden in Chile, and see up close what you will soon taste either as a cocktail or food, book our guided tour, available both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Organic Vegetable Garden Hotel Las Torres
  1. Challenge your limits on the hike to Base Torres.

 This challenging trail will take you through spectacular landscapes of mountains, glaciers, and lakes until you reach the base of the iconic Torres del Paine. With every step you take, you will feel the excitement and energy of nature at its finest. A unique and unforgettable experience for lovers of hiking and adventure is to be fascinated by the Base Torres Lookout Point .

Base Torres Viewpoint
  1. Horseback riding towards a new perspective of Torres del Paine.

After a pleasant hike, you can’t miss this new way to discover Patagonia: on the back of a reliable companion. As you become familiar with the gentle, powerful, and instinctive rhythm of your horse, the nature of Patagonia will appear before your eyes. Keep your eyes open and watch for birds making their way through an ancient lenga forest, while in the distance, you can see a lake and the eternity of granite towers. Cerro Paine Horseback Ride is a must!

Excursion center - horseback rides
Excursion center – horseback rides
  1. Wake up in the middle of nature in our Premium campsite

If you prefer a closer and more endearing experience with Mother Nature, then this option is for you. Camping in our premium camping tents is waking up in the middle of beautiful landscapes, all with the comfort and safety of a tent that blends in with the environment.  Learn more about this new alternative to enjoy at Las Torres Patagonia.

Premium Camping
Premium Camping
  1. Experience the Baquean authenticity of the Magellanic region

With their clothing and peculiar items, Baqueanos are the soul and heritage of the Patagonian culture. The baqueanos will offer you mate, an herbal tea, or sopaipillas with pebre while they share their stories or teach you how to saddle, place a horseshoe on, or ride a horse. This experience will help you better understand their traditions, how they live and work in this inhospitable land called Patagonia, a must-see!

Baqueana Experience
Baqueana Experience
  1. Look for the king of Patagonia in a unique sighting

The undisputed king of the southern territory is the imposing puma. The great Patagonian predator moves through the Torres del Paine with the assurance of being the monarch of the food chain and you can witness it. If you visit Las Torres Patagonia, you cannot miss participating in the Puma Encounter  program and having a unique sighting.  Equipped with binoculars, hikers, if they are lucky, may even see a female with her cubs.

Puma Encounter
Puma Encounter
  1. Stay at Hotel Las Torres Patagonia and reconnect with nature

If you are looking for a way to reconnect with nature and return to the essence of life, Patagonia is the perfect place to do it. At Hotel Las Torres  we offer you a wide variety of activities that will allow you to explore the area and have unique experiences. Don’t wait any longer to book your next adventure!  With comfortable rooms and excellent service, our hotel is the perfect place to recharge yourself with life and tranquility.

Las Torres Patagonia Hotel
Las Torres Patagonia Hotel

Are you ready to have an unforgettable adventure in Las Torres Patagonia?

Don’t wait any longer to plan your trip! Discover all of the options that Las Torres Patagonia has for you.

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